The term business communication can refer to a wide variety of fields and specialisations, such as advertising, public relations, corporate communication, community involvement, reputation management, interpersonal communication, employee engagement, and event management. These are just some of the areas that fall under this umbrella term. There is a substantial link that can be drawn between this topic and the fields of professional communication and technical communication.

Communication in the business world always includes the flow of information from one party to another. The delivery of feedback to recipients is one of the most important aspects of efficient business communication. In today's world, businesses are often extremely large and employ a sizable workforce due to the increased complexity of running a business. There may be a large number of various layers of hierarchy present within a particular organisation. The larger the number of hierarchical levels that are present within an organisation, the more difficult it is to effectively manage that organisation. Communication plays a very important role in the process of directing and monitoring the people who are employed by the organisation. This is an area in which there is a need for guidance and supervision. It is feasible to get fast feedback, and any misunderstandings, even if they do happen, may be prevented. It is necessary for there to be open channels of communication not just between superiors and employees of an organisation, but also between the organisation and society as a whole (for example between management and trade unions). It is essential for the growth and success of any organisation in the long run. It is impossible for there to be a shortage of open communication channels in any firm.

The purpose of communication in the business sector is to accomplish one's objectives. People who are part of an organisation as well as those who are not part of the organisation have a responsibility to be knowledgeable about its rules, regulations, and policies. It is essential that this information be communicated in an efficient manner. The guidelines and norms that are in place to manage communication in the corporate world are quite detailed. At first, the only methods of communication that were open to companies were written letters, telephone calls, and so forth. As a result of developments in technology, however, we now have access to things like mobile phones, video conferencing, email, and satellite communication, all of which make it easier for businesses to communicate with one another. When it comes to building a positive reputation for a company, one of the most important skills to possess is excellent business communication.

Business communication is primarily concerned with attaining objectives and, in the event of a publicly traded firm or organisation, raising shareholder dividends. Business communication is a topic that many schools and universities incorporate in their undergraduate and master's degree programmes.

Communication in the business world is held to a higher level than communication in ordinary life. The stakes in situations of informal communication are often lower than those associated with misunderstandings because of this. No of the setting in which a discussion is taking place, the strategies for enhancing communication are always the same. The medium, way, technique, or method via which a message is sent to the individual or group of individuals for whom it was intended is referred to as the communication channel. Oral or spoken communication, written (in either hard copy print or digital forms), electronic and multimedia communication are the primary modes. Business communications may take place in a formal, casual, or unofficial setting within each of these channels. In conclusion, communications may either be abundant or limited. Some example media channels of business communication are Internet, Print media, Radio, Television, Ambient media, Word of mouth, Talk with strangers, etc. Richness is a term that describes the capacity of a channel to concurrently transmit a large amount of information that is both current and accurate. In-person communication has a very high degree of richness due to the fact that it permits the delivery of information together with a speedy response. For instance, the level of depth that can be achieved in a tweet is relatively limited since Twitter only allows for the transmission of 280 characters at a time and does not provide any kind of response. Face-to-face communication, on the other hand, is limited to only one person communicating with a small number of other individuals who are in close proximity to them. Face-to-face communication also takes place in person. On the other hand, a tweet has the ability to reach thousands of followers in locations all over the world.

Business communication is a common topic included in the curricular of Undergraduate and Master's degree programs at many colleges and universities.
Categories of business communication

Brand Management
Customer/public relations

Methods of business communication

Communication conducted over the web is the goto method for most business communicators. People in distant regions are able to participate in interactive meetings because to a technology called video conferencing. Practice making video calls using platforms such as Skype or omegle if you want to build your self-assurance. Reports are essential pieces of documentation for the actions carried out by any department. Presentations are a common form of communication used in many kinds of companies. Presentations often include some kind of audiovisual material, such as copies of reports or content generated using Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Flash. Telephone conferences, which facilitate communication across large distances. Discussion boards, often known as forum boards, are online communities that enable users to login and instantaneously share information in a centralised area. In-person interactions, which are more intimate and should be followed up by written correspondence. Suggestion box: mostly used for upward communication due to the fact that certain individuals may be hesitant to contact with management directly. As a result, these individuals are able to provide recommendations by writing one and placing it in the suggestion box. Letters and memos are defined as letters sent to employees or members of an organisation.

Directional business communication

It's likely that most of us are familiar with the term "Directional Communication." It presents a notion that divides communication into three distinct categories: upward communication, downward communication, and lateral communication. It illustrates the need of the business environment having a variety of communication techniques and channels accessible for individuals to use in order to communicate in all directions. What I have not found, but what I have experienced, is that it is not just about facilitating directional communication; rather, it is also important to be aware that the same message may require a different medium and depth when communicating in different directions. This is something that I have not found, but what I have experienced. The secret phrase to remember is "Directional Communication," which, in layman's words, indicates that whenever we communicate in a variety of directions, we need to keep in mind the context of the message as well as the expectations associated with it. First, let us investigate each approach in a little bit more detail, and then we will look at a basic example. It all comes down to the economic principle of "time value of money," which states that the higher you go in any organisation, the time value of money increases, and as a result, senior stakeholders will have less time to understand the message. There are a few reasons why this strategy is effective. First, in most cases, the reason why someone is senior to us is because that person knows much more than we do, so he or she most likely already knows the story. Your message has to be succinct and backed up by an adequate number of data points, and it should make it abundantly clear what you anticipate from the senior stakeholder. The soon you begin telling a narrative, you will immediately begin to lose their attention.


The Association for Business Communication (ABC), which was initially known as the Association of College Teachers of Business Writing and was established in 1936 by Shankar, describes itself as "an international, interdisciplinary organisation committed to advancing business communication research, education, and practise." [Citation needed]
The mission of the IEEE Professional Communication Society (PCS) is to understand and promote effective communication in engineering, scientific, and other environments, including business environments. Specifically, this mission includes the promotion of effective communication in business environments. The PCS academic magazine is widely regarded as one of the most important communication publications in Europe. Engineers, writers, information designers, managers, and others working as academics, educators, and practitioners who share an interest in the efficient transmission of technical and business knowledge are the readers of this magazine.
The Society for Technical Communication is a professional association dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice of technical communication. With membership of more than 6,000 technical communicators in uk chat, it's the largest organization of its type globally.
The International Business Communication Standards are a set of concrete recommendations for the conceptual and visual design of reports and presentations that are easily understandable.


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JIL SANDER , the representative of minimalism 

It is true that street style and minimalist style are not inherently contradictory combinations, and they also blend with each other.

However, under the trend of sports retro and future functions in the past few years, the current street style is more and more proud of exaggerated, bold and bright styles.

Not only people's clothing and matching, but even the designs of brands are increasingly pursuing splicing and fullness, and it seems that they can represent today's trends without leaving any space.

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秋冬最常穿的單品,一定是衛衣!舒服又運動時髦。今天小編想和大家分享的一位「衛衣大戶」就是Justin Bieber的老婆Hailey Baldwin!當然,大家都喜歡叫她海狸。










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Natasha Zinko最會玩的就是繽紛的色彩和多種面料的拼接,哪怕是衛衣這種偏休閑和街頭的單品都極致花俏,將自己的風格演繹得轟轟烈烈。


卡通衛衣穿搭又怎麼少得了童年回憶的Teenie Weenie呢?標誌性的小熊圖案,暖暖的絨毛衛衣,再戴上帽子,可不就是一個活生生的小可愛嗎?

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Kendall這身cream yellow牛仔套裝看起來奶酷十足,減齡效果絕了!


看來女明星們都在春季種草了奶黃色衛衣,nabi這身Drew House就更偏童趣休閑,女大生穿搭get!

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相對於其他運動品牌,ESSENTIALS 的表現更為多元,在運動套裝加入了一些圖案元素、抽繩等解構設計,不需要太多花哨的設計,簡簡單單就能詮釋出這份時髦感。

除此之外,穿起來時的隨性和無拘束感也成為了大火的原因,它是那種真正可以躺在家裡穿,也可以直接蹬上一雙鞋就能出門的時髦 Item。

其詮釋出的無性別概念風格,不論是男生還是女生都可以輕鬆駕馭,怪不得成為了吳亦凡、歐陽娜娜、Kendall 等一種潮男潮女的出街必備。

全新系列依舊有著品牌一貫的風格單品:T-Shirt、風衣外套、毛料大衣、衛衣、寬鬆 Hoodie 和運動套裝,外加多個帽款。 這些看起來非常「居家」和「正常」的單品,在灰色基調上,以及 ESSENTIALS 的 Logo 加持中,有了一種前衛感。


Athflow 就是 Athleisure 和 Flow 結合而成的單詞,意味著休閑運動風的崛起。

對於全球都處於「Stay at home」和「Social distancing」這兩大新生活模式下,居家又令人們對時裝有了新的追求,舒適的同時當然也要保持時尚度。

而 Athflow 風正是在此之間,最能在體面與舒適間平衡的家居衣著了。

Athflow 風格不論是在家還是外出,都可以隨意切換。不得不說這種化繁為簡的時髦真是讓人賞心悅目呀!

想要打造 Athflow 風,有幾款單品必不可少,純色運動衛褲可謂是打造 Athflow 風格的主角,材質以舒適親膚的棉質為主。



當然,最基礎的方式還是搭配衛衣了,選擇同色系或撞色搭配,重點是不要有複雜的圖案,太花哨則無法達到自然的 Leisure 感。 或是將寬鬆的上衣換成緊身衣,上緊下松,削弱鬆鬆垮垮的休閑感,勾勒出身材比例。


這時,再在套裝的基礎上,披上一件 Oversize 大衣,就絕對是抓住 Athflow 的精髓了!

冬天最火的毛絨大衣,兼備了時髦度和溫暖度,學著 Hailey 一套同色搭配輕鬆炸街,將 Athflow 風格拿捏得穩穩的。




由毛線編織而成的的毛線褲也是打造 Athflow 風的一把好手,不然怎麼說時尚是一個輪迴,萬萬沒想到曾經比秋褲「地位還低」的毛線褲,有一天真的可以和優雅掛鉤!

不過說真的,針織品還是要穿一整套才更有 Athleisure 那味,針織套裝早已被各大明星博主打卡,可見它的「時髦認證」程度。


針織裙裝也不容錯過,緊身的針織包裹出臀部曲線,休閑基礎款也能穿得如此優雅。 以上內容由ESSENTIALS 官網提供(essentials.com.tw)

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可謂是近年來最火的高街潮牌。它就是ESSENTIALS今天帶大家解密~ESSENTIALS 穿搭指南!


如果問當下最火的潮流穿搭是什麼?毫無疑問非 ESSENTIALS 莫屬!無論是學校飯堂、酒吧夜店,還是街角的奶茶店,見得最多的永遠是那套 ESSENTIALS 運動休閒衛衣褲套裝。


從每走五步就能見到一件的 FOG 複線 ESSENTIALS,到其他各大潮牌推出的衛衣褲休閒套裝,它們如同校服般佔領全球,繼北臉羽絨服之後最火的單品應該就屬 FOG ESSENTIALS 了。

ESSENTIALS 的衛衣褲套裝怎麼穿都不容易出錯。







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Fear of God FOG 運用各種運動及街頭的元素打造出獨特運動風的潮流品牌,同時在材質和剪裁上設計得當,將潮流元素保留的同時,展現出了不同於一般街頭品牌的高端性質,也因此深受人們的喜愛。FOG 平民系列 ESSENTIALS,希望喜歡 FOG 的粉絲能夠用比較低的價格去享受到 FOG 獨特的剪裁和風格,親自體驗 FOG 不同於其他潮流品牌的獨特精神。


ESSENTIALS 是 Fear of God 的副牌,創立於 2018 年。ESSENTIALS 創始人為 Jerry Lorenzo。 FOG ESSENTIALS 在設計上繞開了街頭服飾向來推崇的浮誇徽標、誇張的版型和張揚的色彩,通過以簡潔的徽標點綴基礎款的T恤和衛衣等單品。極高的名氣和簡約的設計讓 FOG ESSENTIALS 備受青睞,成為年輕人頻繁上身的品牌。


Fear of God 號稱「天價製造機」,路線高端,價格高昂。2018 年 Jerry Lorenzo 本著讓自己的設計走進更多人而創立了副牌——ESSENTIALS。一開始副牌 ESSENTIALS 延續了主線的設計風格和高端品質,堅持以簡約低調的配色和層次精細的剪裁,但價格卻十分親民,這讓 ESSENTIALS 迅速網路大批粉絲。

有人認為 ESSENTIALS 是適合普通人的街頭服飾,簡單的設計、樸素的搭配,不張揚卻十分有質感,讓人穿起來十分舒適,花不高的價格就可以擁有高街的質感。但也有一些不同的聲音,有人認為 ESSENTIALS 只是 Jerry Lorenzo 圈錢的工具,毫無設計可言,只是憑著品牌的 LOGO 就號稱是高街品牌。


ESSENTIALS 是一個潮流品牌,多類基本款的設計,易於平日穿著。從牛仔夾克、籃球短褲、連帽衫和教練外套等單品中都可以看到 FOG 寬鬆剪裁的影子,腰部繫帶、踝部拉鍊和高筒運動鞋也是熟悉的配方。大寫的 ESSENTIALS 被印在 Leggings、短褲、襯衫和背包上,帶來視覺衝擊。

主線發售價貴,副線相對平民,日常比較好搭配。眾多明星如 Justin Bieber、Kanye West、Rihanna、Hailey Baldwin、Bella Hadid、GIGI Hadid 都是其頭號粉。

以上內容由 ESSENTIALS 官網提供(essentials.com.tw)

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1969年的時候,川久保玲在東京租下一個辦公室,與兩名助理創立服裝品牌「COMME des GARCONS」,品牌的意思是「像男生一樣」。而此前川久保玲一直都沒有服裝設計專業科班的學習經歷,也沒有裁縫技術的學習經歷,但服裝品牌就這樣創立下來了,並且在1975年開了第一間門市。








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走在時尚潮流前方的資深弄潮兒們,對世界著名服裝設計師還是有了解的吧,日本著名設計師川久保玲絕對算一個,而她一手創立的品牌PLAY在世界上也是相當出名,今天小編就來帶小夥伴們了解一下PLAY這個牌子 。

CDG PLAY是什麼牌子?

CDG PLAY是知名潮牌川久保玲(Comme des Garcons,簡稱CDG)的副線品牌,標誌元素就是紅心Logo。CDG PLAY系列的價值和知名度遠遠超過了旗下主品牌。產品包括鞋子、襯衫、T恤等,並且之下還包括了3個系列,分別是:針織衫(Play Knit)、童裝(Play Kids)、運動泳裝(Play Speedo)。

COMME des GARCONS由川久保玲在1973年創立,法文意思是「像個男孩」,由於品牌主設計師就是川久保玲本人,品牌在國內也被稱為川久保玲。1980年代前期 ,她以不對稱、曲面狀的前衛服飾聞名全球,受到許多時尚界人士的喜愛。川久保玲擅於使用低彩度的布料來構成特殊的服飾,其中有許多是單件同一色調的設計,特別是黑色可說是川久保玲的代表顏色。

COMME des GARCONS PLAY簡稱「CDG PLAY」,誕生於2002年,聯合波蘭裔紐約藝術家Flip Pagowski共同打造(經典紅心Logo就是他畫的),以一顆紅心中間一雙大大黑色眼睛為招牌設計,非常引人矚目。雖然川久保玲本人說不喜歡這個系列,但消費者喜歡,作為商人,她也還是很實際的,拿這顆愛心反反覆復炒冷飯。現在這顆小紅心已經有了黑色(黑色只在日本獨家售賣)、綠色、粉紅色、粉藍色。各種顏色的心沒有意義的差別,只是單純的顏色變化。此外,CDG PLAY還與耐吉、匡威保持著穩定的合作,每年都會與匡威推出定番系列。


CDG PLAY和川久保玲有什麼區別?

沒有區別,兩者就是同一品牌。CDG PLAY是由川久保玲創建的,在中國它其實就叫做川久保玲,她畢業於日本的慶應大學,在很早的時候就創立的自己的品牌,並取名叫做CDG,有的人叫它玲師太,還有的人叫她玲姐,總之都是指的同一個品牌。



1983年,川久保玲獲得每日新聞時尚設計獎(Mainichi Fashion Award),1987年,獲得美國時尚技術學院(fashion institute of technology)的榮譽學位。今日她是20世紀女性服裝設計師中的重要人物。

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猶記得一炮而紅的當年,一眾發如枯草,身著黑衣,混身破洞的模特們魚貫而出時,一種悲憫的氣氛迅速在空氣里瀰漫開來。高級的洲際酒店,瞬時化為一場「丐幫」聚會,而且絕對是尊崇 「原教旨主義」的「污衣派」。時裝巨頭們驚呆了,《國際先驅論壇報》的時裝名記Suzy Menkes日後回憶起Comme des GaroÇns的這場處女秀時說:「服裝都是遭毀的,一些套頭衫混身都是大洞……真是太震撼了。」好多人都說,這個出道快四十年,從來沒上過服裝學院,卻精通藝術和文學的日本女人,其實是個藝術家,只不過固執地把她的作品叫做「衣服」,並堅持每年都在巴黎辦兩場秀。

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Edit setfor 「英國設計日本精神」的極度乾燥,跟「折扣」之間的愛恨情仇

最近實體產業受到嚴重沖擊,許多名店接連出走,包括永福樓、漢堡王、Swatch ,以及這家年輕人最愛,標榜防風、防水和保暖的英國潮牌服飾Superdry (極度 乾燥)。

Superdry 近來可說是流年不利,除了在2019年1月就已經撤離臺灣地區外,英國總a公司在2018年12月還發布了壹項獲利警訊,宣稱利潤將遠低於市場預期的8400萬英鎊,只有5500萬至7000萬英鎊間,造成股價在過去壹年中下跌超過70%。另外創辦人Julian Dunkerton與公司經營階層間最近也有許多爭執,令人好奇這家曾經高速成長的服裝公司究竟在管理上出了什麽問題?



Superdry 官網的創辦人Dunkerton從小喜歡銷售,他喜歡待在雙親的蘋果酒工廠裏幫助賣產品,也推車賣過漢堡,並且會觀察他人如何成功銷售的訣竅。他高中時選錯科系,念得很痛苦,尤其討厭物理、化學及生物。畢業時成績剛好及格,便沒有再上大學,於是用壹年時間到工廠和農場工作,賺了錢就到處去旅行,尋找商機。

Superdry 外套的風格等於是兩位創辦人喜好的融合,Dunkerton 迷戀美式復古,而Holder 對日式圖案和貼身剪裁情有獨鐘。Superdry幾乎所有的設計及在LOGO上都可以看到日文字體,讓許多人以為Superdry是日本品牌。但其實Superdry大多數使用的日文字體和單詞是用字典翻譯,不是平常說日語的使用方式,因此用法並不十分精確。

Superdry 極度乾燥 官網的品牌理念是「英國設計,日本精神」。他們推出的第壹個款式是復古的」OSAKA 6」 T-Shirt,透過經銷商及CULT連鎖店在各地默默流通。直到足球明星David Beckham在年歷中穿上它,並拍了三張照片才壹炮而紅。Beckham當時正處於職業生涯的巔峰狀態,是最具影響力的時尚名人之壹。」OSAKA 6」成為Superdry最具代表性的產品之壹,直到十幾年後仍然在生產。

繼Beckham之後,時尚名流也開始穿上Superdry 極度乾燥外套,例如電影」鐵達尼號」的男女主角Leonardo Di Caprio及Kate Winslet,影星Zac Efron和社交名媛Pippa Middleton。校園學生們也流行穿上Superdry,談論Superdry。Superdry針對學生們提供折扣,聘請DJ舉辦學生之夜,推出學生禮盒,並贊助初露鋒芒的音樂家。Superdry為了不負眾望,於是更重視研發,贏得了多項設計獎項,並開設自己的店面。


想購買的朋友請關注Superdry購物站不定期上新,Superdry 外套一直深受喜歡潮流風格的大大、水水門追蹤+關注!了解更多Superdry 門市系列單品,下單訂購時認準Superdry 台灣官網購物站,請訂閱+分享Superdry線上購物折扣店!祝您購物愉快!

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كثيرا ما نحتاج إلى الصيانة العامة المنزلية للأجهزة والأثاث للحفاظ عليها لعمر افتراضي أطول، خاصة أننا نختار كل قطعة عند تأسيس منزلنا بعناية فائقة، حتى نؤسس منزلا يتمتع بكافة معايير السلامة والأمان والرفاهية والراحة، وإصابة أي جهاز من أجهزته بعطل ما يتسبب في الشعور بالارتباك والحيرة، لذا سوف نتعرف في مقالنا هذا عن ماهية الصيانة المنزلية وأنواعها وبعض النصائح الهامة المقدمة من الخبراء حول هذا المجال.

إن القيام بإصلاحات الصيانة أو التجديد في منزلك بناء مجلس خارجي بالرغم من استعانتك بالمحترفين في الميدان، يتطلب جهدا كبيرًا ومراقبة خاصة، وتخصيص وقتك للوقوف على الأشغال، أما إذا كنت ترغب في تجديد منزلك بنفسك، فإن موقع ساروتي في هذا المقال، يكشف النقاب عن كل ما تحتاج إلى معرفته قبل البدء في أعمال التجديد والصيانة في منزلك.