3 Tips For Living Off-Campus for First-Timers

The first time you move out of the family home can be an exciting time for you. It’s fun to have your own place not far from college that you can call your own. As a first-timer, there are a few things you need to consider.


The gang at Studenomics advise that your new home needs to be either close to the college, or with very convenient access to public transport. Getting to school is still your top priority, so choose a place that makes this task as easy as possible, especially on those days when you sleep a bit too late.

If you’ve decided to get an apartment, see if other students also live there, that way you can share rides to college both directions.

Alone or Roommates

If you’ve come from a big family, you might be extremely keen to have your own space and live alone finally. It’s a pretty big adjustment, though, from being around people to being solo. There are many good reasons to decide to share with others.


Two people covering the expenses are so much better than one. Not only do you halve the rent, but also the utilities and other bills.


Going from a house full of people to a place by yourself is a big step. You’re used to other people’s noise and activity. The people at Thoughtco feel that college life is better if you have another person around, someone to talk to about your day. Maybe you’ve had a bad day and need to complain, or perhaps something awesome happened, and you want to celebrate.

However, you want to choose wisely here. A person who parties all night is going to disrupt your sleep.


If both of you attend the same classes together, the bonus is you now have a live-in study partner. This is going to come in very handy around exam time.

Your Stuff

You’ve started to fill your house or apartment with your stuff, and it feels like your own little kingdom. Some of the things you have might be valuable. It’s heartbreaking when items get stolen, but even more devastating if you don’t have the money to get them replaced.

That’s why you should consider contents insurance. The team at BrokerLink strongly recommends that you protect your precious things with the right coverage. If something is stolen, make sure you get a police report, then it’ll be easy to make a claim.

Are You Ready?

There you have it, choose a convenient location close to school, consider getting an awesome roommate, and be sure you get coverage for all your things.

You’re now ready to take that big step of leaving the nest and becoming an independent person!


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