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America's Favourite Foods: There are some things that never change
Americans are a unique mix of cultures and culinary aficionados. There are many things we like about sushi, Chinese and Mexican food as well as Italian and designer coffees. We continue to purchase the same staples that we have used for decades. They are available at every corner, in school lunchrooms, on the streets, and have been there since childhood.

There are no surprises, and this list hasn't seen much change over the decades. Let's begin with the Top Ten of America’s most favorite foods. (No veggies)

Hamburgers have been our favorite food since the opening day of the White Castle.
Hot Dogs, the all-American American food
French Fries--can't help but love them
Oreo Cookies are chocolate chip cookie lovers' worst nightmare
Pizza - There are so many toppings to choose from, but the basic recipe remains the same
Soft Drinks: We drink soft drinks all the time as a nation (not technically a meal, but hey).
Chicken Tenders – We know what fast-food chain started it all!
Ice cream - Thomas Jefferson, president of Foodie Presidents, thanks for this one
Donuts - Breakfast of champions
Potato chips - our favorite snack food, hands down
Mac and cheese (yes Thomas Jefferson did this too)
Apple Pie - Apple Pie is a classic dessert that has been around for hundreds of years.



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