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In the hot summer, choosing the fabric in a more comfortable fashion will make the collocation become more refreshing and comfortable, linen fabric is comfortable and durable, the main thing is very breathable, will not let wear feel very stuffy.

What Are The Advantages Of Linen Shirts

T-shirts, shirts in the spring and summer season are very common, linen shirts in the style and they are consistent, also belong to the strong sense of casual style, comfortable to wear and also very thin. Compared to T-shirts, linen shirts are actually more versatile, with a variety of styles and fashionable designs. This is particularly in line with the temperament of middle-aged women,and can express middle-aged women dressing in a calm and sharp rhythm.

How To Wear Linen Shirt

The half-body skirt is the first choice for linen shirt dressing, it can strengthen the middle-aged woman dressing feminine, showing elegance and gentle playfulness. 

For middle-aged women in the workplace, we can also choose high-waisted wide-legged linen pants with linen shirt look. The green linen shirt with gray high-waisted wide-legged pants has a dry and generous look. The green linen shirt has a soft neckline, which has the effect of modifying the neck and facial contour of middle-aged women, showing white and more lined with color, making middle-aged women look bright.

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Linen is a pure natural fiber, which has obvious advantages such as sweat absorption, good air permeability and harmlessness to human body. Moreover, the flax fiber is tough and soft, and its strength is 1.5 times that of cotton fiber and 1.6 times that of spun silk, and the fabric made from it is smooth and tidy. It is also the earliest natural plant fiber used by humans, with a history of more than 10,000 years.Any linen item of clothing, such as linen shirts, linen dresses, linen shorts, is perfect.

Linen Clothing Has The Role Of Disease Prevention

Linen clothes with high strength, good corrosion resistance, and easy to absorb sweat and disperse moisture, so it is conducive to prevent the occurrence of some skin diseases, such as rashes, itchy skin, etc.. In addition, linen clothes compared with cotton fabrics, linen clothes are wet spinning, no dry spinning of the burr phenomenon, wearing close to the body without prickly feeling. So in the hot summer months, linen clothes are the ideal choice.

Linen Fabric Has A Strong Moisture Absorption And Moisture Dispersion Ability

The rainy season also tide phenomenon is serious, if the house wall cloth, tablecloths, curtains and sheets are replaced with linen fabrics, can effectively reduce the indoor humidity. 




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Linen materials tend to have the advantage of light and breathable. Even in hot summer wear,there will not be stuffy sweat, linen single product is very suitable for creating a casual literary style as well as a refreshing mature style with mature women driving up without pressure.

Here are a few collocation templates for you to recommend a few linen items, which can meet the needs of our daily shopping, commuting to work, going on vacation and other occasions. 

Linen Shirt + Wide Leg Pants

Outfit 1:This pure white linen shirt looks very thin. It is very comfortable and breathable to wear in summer. In order to avoid exposure, we can wear a small pure white suspender inside, which is more sexy and feminine. The lower body is matched with gray upper High-waisted wide-leg linen pants and sneakers are generous and neat and show long legs.

Linen Suit + Skirt

Wear linen suit with fairy white half skirt, very nice. However, if you want to wear linen single product out of a sense of sophistication, of course, without the help of accessories.

Striped Shirt + Linen Half Skirt

The black and white striped style pullover belongs to the simple basic model of the single product, loose version can be very good to cover the upper body of the fat, the lower body with a white linen high-waisted straight skirt, skirt hem side to join the vertical line cut, more conducive to show leg length, the middle of the skirt using a thin belt to waist more waistline, with a round head small leather shoes, sophisticated and ladylike.


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Minimalist and breathable "linen", with its unique bumpy texture, cool and skin-friendly comfortable feel and fresh and elegant outstanding temperament, has become the first choice of this summer's must-fire senior sense of fabric, no one.

Linen Blazer

These years, the blazer has been very hot. Compared to ordinary fabric blazers, linen blazers are more suitable for summer. 

When the weather heats up, you can wear suspenders directly inside the linen suit, cool and stylish. You can also wear it with a linen dress, as sunscreen to wear, casual lazy very vacation atmosphere sense.

Linen Shirt

In addition to suits, linen shirts are also worth getting, light fabric material, flexible and flowing, lazy and elegant can be perfectly interpreted. The basic linen shirt does not pick the occasion, the version of some loose, daily can also be worn as a thin jacket.

Linen Pants

Girls who like casual style, linen casual pants is definitely worth having, because linen has a strong breathability, cooling and antibacterial characteristics, summer can completely replace the shorts, indoor can withstand the chill of the air-conditioned room, and go out to protect the sun and mosquitoes, both fashion and functionality.


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The most popular shirt fabric in summer is none other than linen. In recent years, men are no longer bent on the pursuit of gorgeous and complex custom craft, they began to enjoy the simplicity of clothing style. Linen shirts are casual and comfortable just meet the needs of the season. In the summer, if you make good use of linen shirts to match, when others see your first glance,it will leave a deep impression of knowing fashion.

Stereoscopic Slim Linen Shirt

Has always been a linen shirt is to give people a loose and comfortable feeling. In fact, slim-fit models of linen shirts can also do semi-formal effect. Through the custom linen shirt to match the pants, the shirt buttons all buttoned up, the sleeves can be slightly rolled up, the surface of the fabric neat and clear texture, through the neat row of cloth, so that the whole person reveals a comfortable natural feeling. 

Light-Colored Linen Shirt

High-waisted wide-legged linen pants with white linen shirt, the waist with a black belt for embellishment, a good distinction between the upper and lower levels, relaxed and with an elegant atmosphere.

Dark-Colored Linen Shirt

If it's 5 point linen pants, then the hem of the linen shirt can not be bundled at the waist. Oversize style will be more appropriate;

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For men in the workplace, how to choose a suit that fits linen, should be a matter of concern to everyone. Here we will tell you, as long as you pay attention to these four key points, then every person can easily become a workplace man, wearing a flawless linen suit, is a very simple thing.


Whether you are still stationary or reasonably active, the top collar of your suit should be close to the back of your neck and the back of your suit should be smooth and clean when standing naturally. In general, the linen blazer will easily cover part of the shirt collar piece, and how much to cover depends on the height of your suit collar.


The shoulder width of a suit plays a very big role in a person's image, and the criterion for judging it is the gap between the outer point of the shoulder of the suit and the shoulder point of one's arm between 0.5 and 0.8 cm.


Perfect waist is the second most important part. In addition to the shoulder width of the suit, the overall image of the person playing a role at the top and bottom. 


for the length of the sleeves, generally when the arms naturally hang down,they can slightly reveal about 1 ~ 2 cm of the linen shirt. In this case,it is the ideal length.

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How can your closet be without a piece of "linen" fabric? Whether it's for everyday sophistication or for a vacation with a sense of freedom, it's the best!

Flax is not as rough as you think. It is the cortical fiber of plants, which is similar to human skin. It can not only protect the body but also regulate temperature. Both the affordable and breathable linen, and the comfort and softness of cotton. 

Linen Dress

This summer we must have a small white linen dress, giving people the first love of innocence and beauty, linen material of the small white dress on the body and can show the full sense of seniority.

Linen Shorts

For most girls, there are too few shorts that can show a good figure. For girls with thick legs, big hips, and slightly fat girls! The most popular pleated linen shorts this summer are suitable for showing your figure! Or choose the Bermuda linen shorts mixed with the same material suspenders, simply a goddess out of the street must.

Linen Wide-Leg Pants

 Linen wide-legged pants + white short tee, duck-tongued cap embellished the overall look. Or just mix and match short suspenders + linen white wide-leg pants, which are casual and sexy without being bloated at all!

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When washing linen clothes, it is not easy to shrink by mastering the following key points: cold water, neutral detergent, no drying, no drying, etc., do not wash linen clothes with hot water, otherwise it will be extremely easy to shrink and change. wrinkle. The detergent must try to choose a pH value close to 7, neutral is the best, and the formula should be milder. Avoid wringing and shaking, or it may wrinkle. Then it cannot be dried, because it is more afraid of high temperatures, which will cause it to shrink and change its shape.

Will Linen Clothes Shrink?

If it is a pure linen fabric, for example, linen shirts, linen pants, etc,the general shrinkage rate will be about 10%, so you must pay attention when washing it. If the water temperature is too high, it will shrink severely. It is recommended not to use too hot water. After washing, if the washing method is correct, it will not shrink. The soaking time of flax should not be too long. 

How To Wash Linen Clothes Do Not Shrink And Do Not Lose Color

1, prepare an appropriate amount of cold water, generally within 30 degrees of the water can be, the normal temperature of the water temperature to prevent shrinkage, add a small amount of neutral detergent inside the cold water, pay attention to trying to use neutral, do not use alkaline laundry detergent, because it is easy to cause it to lose color.




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In the summer weather, as long as you leave the air-conditioned room, everyone can't escape the fate of sweating, especially those business men who still need suits and shoes in the hot summer. So today, the editor intends to recommend suitable suits for business men to wear in summer, so that you can say goodbye to the smell of sweat in summer and enjoy the joy of choosing the right suit!

Men's Linen Suit Outfit Ideas

Outfit 1:Light gray cotton and linen suit jacket + white striped linen shirt + beige khaki linen pants. As accessories, choose a printed tie and a sky blue belt. Shoes choose light gray derby shoes.

Outfit 3:Beige cotton linen suit jacket + printed shirt + light blue khaki pants. Accessories choose a black belt. For shoes choose colored sneakers.

Men's Linen Suit With Skills

Wear silver gray, cream suit, suitable to wear big red, vermilion, dark green, aquamarine, brown and black tie, will give people a quiet, beautiful, dashing feeling.

Wearing a red, fuchsia suit, suitable to wear cream, cream yellow, silver gray, lake blue, emerald green tie, in order to show an elegant and noble effect.



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