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What are some good FYP (final year project) ideas in the AI/ML domain?

Sure, there are many fascinating AI/ML final year project ideas:

  1. Healthcare Predictive Analysis: Develop a model to predict disease outbreaks or patient diagnoses based on historical health data.
  2. Natural Language Processing Applications: Build a sentiment analysis tool for social media or a chatbot for customer service.
  3. Image Recognition for Autonomous Vehicles: Create algorithms for identifying objects and pedestrians in real-time for self-driving cars.
  4. Recommendation Systems: Design a personalized recommendation system for movies, books, or products based on user preferences.
  5. Fraud Detection in Finance: Develop machine learning models to detect fraudulent transactions or activities in financial data.
  6. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs): Explore GANs to create synthetic data for various purposes like art generation or data augmentation.
  7. Smart Home Automation: Use AI to create a system that learns user behavior to automate home devices for energy efficiency or convenience.
  8. Human Activity Recognition: Build a model to recognize and classify human activities using sensor data, like in fitness trackers or security systems.
  9. Predictive Maintenance: Develop Snapinsta models to predict equipment failures or maintenance needs in industrial settings using machine sensor data.
  10. Ethical AI: Investigate fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI algorithms and propose methods to mitigate biases.

Choose a project aligned with your interests and the resources available to you for a successful final year project!

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