Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize the Way Marketers Do SEO

Search Engine Optimization has established itself as an effective tool in digital marketing. Most companies nowadays rely heavily on SEO to rank at the top of search engines on their particular line of service and product, or at least stay relevant and reach out to potential customers. Through the years, the Google search algorithm has gone through major changes when it comes to its role in deciding which site should be ranked accordingly. Back in the day, focusing on simple keyword targeting alone is enough. With the massive amount of data circulating around the internet, the rules for SEO have recently taken more crucial factors into consideration, mostly centered on the user, such as user experience, search intent, the customer journey, and semantic search.

Artificial Intelligence has also made its way to SEO with the arrival of the Google RankBrain. It is a search engine system that has been added to amplify Google’s overall search engine, the Hummingbird. It uses artificial intelligence to identify and understand the searcher’s query and show result pages that do not necessarily contain the exact keywords used during search but is filled with content that is relevant to the search query itself. One of RankBrain’s primary functions is to understand the fundamental algorithms at work when it comes to determining which pages appear as results and how they should be ranked, and to choose which set of algorithms are best used for each type of search result. This means that there is a customized set of algorithms that vary from one search result to another.

While traditional ranking methods such as keyword optimization still play a big part in SEO, digital marketing agencies are not just focused on keywords alone. RankBrain also looks at the site’s structure and content. Creating quality and engaging content that effectively addresses user’s queries will result to more website traffic, therefore putting you in a higher search engine rank. Content writers can generate ideas for blogs based on how your visitors interact with your page and looking into bounce rates, time on page, and links clicked to know which content they prefer to see more of.

Your website should also reflect relevant content, especially when it comes to backlinks. For example, if you are selling furniture and someone comes to your site to buy a chair but is instead redirected to a link to your blog regarding furniture care, this could lessen your chances of being chosen by RankBrain. Choosing the right keywords and the appropriate links that are connected to them should taken into consideration.  

Another crucial factor to take into consideration with SEO’s AI-designed algorithms is user experience. Since this will mainly be based on the user’s behaviors and patterns regarding search query, it’s important to design a webpage with seamless navigation, quality graphics, color choices, and text format.

There’s no doubt that SEO will continue to change in order to keep up with the evolution of technology and changing algorithms on search engines. Integrating AI into digital marketing is just the beginning. One thing is for sure, though, digital marketing continues to be a customer-centric industry, and every digital marketing agencies involved in SEO should always operate on that premise in order to stand out from the pack and thrive as one of the top three in their respective country like this SEO company Sydney .

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