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Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Air pollution is the emission of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, which causes serious health damage to people, destroys crops and other living organisms. The purity of the atmosphere is very important, since it supports life on earth; thus, interfering with it leads to very serious consequences. Air pollution has become a global issue and recently world leaders held a union meeting in order to find a solution to increased levels of pollution in the world. The leaders were aimed at dealing with the issue of air pollution because its effects have started to be tangible and if not dealt with, they will worsen and cause irreversible damage.

Facts about Air Pollution in California

In the United States (US), California is the most affected state regarding air pollution. The most polluted cities in the US are Los Angeles, Bakersfield and Porterville, and all of them are in California. Eight of the ten most polluted cities in the US are located in California and the first six cities are in California.

Air pollution is an issue of concern in California because it causes serious health complications to people living in that state. A research carried out by Cal State Fullerton showed that air pollution accounts for more deaths than car crashes. Out of the one hundred and seventy five people exposed to air pollution in the US, California accounts for more than a third. Air pollution-related diseases are the reason for about one hundred and ninety three million dollars hospital cost in California, and Los Angeles spends most of it. The major cause of children’s absenteeism in school is asthma. This is due to the fact that children are exposed to the emissions of toxic substances which cause breathing disorders.

Air pollution in California is caused by exhaust fumes from tracks, cars, buses, trains, and ships. When a ship is unloading containers, it emits air polluting toxic substances in large amounts. There are many industries in the state of California which also release toxic chemicals into the air. There are also many other means of transportation in California which release diesel exhaust fumes that contain over forty dangerous substances that pollute the air. There is a lot of sunshine in California and this also contributes to air pollution. The exhaust fumes emitted by cars or other burning sources, once released into the atmosphere, react with sunlight, hence destroying the ozone layer.

Air pollution has caused people to have serious health issues. Most of the diseases related to air pollution affect the breathing system. Inhaling toxic substance affects both adults and children but children are the most affected, since they breathe faster than the adults. Serious complications such as asthma and lung inflammation are caused by air pollution.

Exposure to toxic chemicals put pregnant women to the risk of preterm delivery, which is a childbirth when the fetus is not more than thirty weeks old. People who are exposed to the toxic substances may also suffer from cancer, since most of the cancer cases are caused by substances emitted by industrial buildings.

Apart from health complications, air pollution has affected the economy because of the cost of dealing with the problem. A lot of resources are directed towards the payment of hospital bills. Many people need medical attention, and a lot of money is, therefore, spent to clear hospital accounts. Insurance companies, who in most cases are responsible for benefit payments, spend a lot of their resources in to disburse health cost.

Argument against Pollution

Air pollution is main and very vital issue in California. It leads to death of many people. People lose their relatives and friends because of the diseases related to air pollution. This fact makes air pollution unacceptable; thus, it should be stopped.

The destruction of the ozone layer left people exposed to substances that can cause skin diseases. The ozone layer inhibits some substances from getting into the atmosphere. Through air pollution, the atmosphere has been destroyed and toxic substances reach the space making people have skin diseases.

The toxic substances released into the air cause acid rain that destroys buildings through corrosion. It also destroys crops and other living organisms. Air pollution causes many hazards and it should be controlled.

Air pollution should be addressed because its effects are adverse. If this issue is not dealt with at its early stage, a lot of permanent damage will occur. Industries should use chemicals that are environmentally friendly. They should also be regulated by the government to limit the amount of chemicals released into the atmosphere. Creating awareness of air pollution will also be useful because people will make it their responsibility. Cars that emit dangerous chemical substances should not be used. If air pollution is reduced, a lot of lives will be saved and less money will be spent on medical bills.

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