Is it time for you and your partner to seek marriage therapy?

Couples often wonder if it’s the right moment to consider marriage therapy. In a relationship it is extremely common for two people to be unhappy, feel distant or feel their emotional and sexual needs are not being met.

Often time’s couples stop communicating with one another, which leads to infidelity. Couples should not delay to seek professional help, or else by the time the couple arrives to therapy, the affair becomes the topic of discussion, and the overall issue gets overlooked.

Timing is crucial for marriage counseling

Every case is different, generally couples should seek therapy way before it becomes serious, in other words seek help before you think you “need” it.  Most couples wait till the last hour to seek help for repairing their marriage. According to a relationship/marriage therapist, couples usually wait about six years of being unpleasant and unhappy before seeking help. The statistic is alarming, couples have to six years to develop resentment before they start the critic work of figuring out how to resolve their differences in effective ways.

Finding the right counselor can take a while, you may have to go through a series of counselors before you find the perfect fit for you and your partner. Therapists at Naya Clinics are trained to understand your perspective and provide you their expertise. Remember, both partners have to feel comfortable with the therapist, because studies have shown it can negatively impact progress, your partner may not be encouraged to attend if they don’t feel comfortable.

How can marriage-counseling help you and your partner?

  • If the root cause of the issues and problems can be identified at the early stages and both parties agree on the issue, the process can be quite effective
  • A determined couple can start to explore their issues from another point of view and learn better approaches to perceive and resolve conflicts
  • Couples can improve their communication and begin to rebuild trust
  • A counselor can be the facilitator to provide that neutral perspective and allow couples to agree on pressing issues with support

What types of couple reap the most benefits from marriage counseling?

  • Generally younger couples in their early 20s to mid 30s
  • Couples who still love one another
  • Couples who are susceptive to change and are open to therapy
  • Individuals who are ready to face the facts and look at their flaws

How long should you commit to therapy?

There is no simple answer to that, every couple’s situation is different. It all comes down to the couple’s issues and what they are up against. For many couples, just a few sessions may be sufficed to solve their issues and rejuvenate the relationship. Whereas, other couples it may take up to a few years to resolve their issues.