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We understand what it really means to be a working adult in today’s world. Your life is very complex and the dream of finishing your education seems like it will never happen. But that is just not the case. Talladega College has designed a program just for you. Since 2009, FASTTrack students have been earning their degrees. Finish what you’ve started TODAY!!!

We understand your busy schedule, so our FASTtrack Program is completely online. No longer do you need to get off work or leave home to attend school. At the same time, we have designed it to maintain the highest level of academic integrity and Talladega College is fully accredited.

Complete your degree in 18 months in the following areas:

  • Business/ Organizational Management
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business Administration-Management
  • Psychology
  • Computer Information System

We also understand you want your degree as soon as possible. Our program is accelerated. Therefore, we provide an opportunity to a bachelor’s degree in as little as 18-months if you have a minimum of 45 transferable college credit hours. Another plus is you will have an advantage by enrolling in the FASTtrack, take any extra classes up to 18 hours a semester at no additional charge.


The FASTtrack Program operates on a semester hour basis with groups of adult learners beginning each year, typically in September - January, and May. Each group takes approximately eighteen months to complete the program and operates on a year-round basis.