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This is Sad

We learnt about the recent death of Tye Jackson. This was made known to us through the news posted across social medias earlier today.
Please receive our deepest condolence during this period.
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Educative Watching

Watching educational content like movies and documentaries is one my very favorite hobbies, and if you choose well, you'll get unmesurable amounts of knowledge out of it, try searching for the topics you want to learn about on the internet, there's a litt...

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DOWNLOAD DJ Dimplez Kubu Album Artwork & Tracklist South African DJ Dimplez is about to drop a full length project that he titles Kubu Album. Master kg


Laguna Beach High School is mourning the death of Jasmen Wilkinson. A school teen girl who died on November 6 in a deadly vehicle crash on Laguna Canyon Road. Jasmen was 14 when she was involved in a tragic accident

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These are by far the best things I have came across to get Gifts for 8 year old boys. I have searched about some things a lot and I just can not find them online. I had some ideas but I cam not sure I can fulfill them.

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