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Features of original phone parts Original post: Mon 2/26/2024 at 6:08 AM

A priori, original phone parts are considered to be of higher quality. Their installation allows you to receive (or not lose) an official guarantee. Additionally, the operating life of the device increases significantly.
It is important to understand that not all manufacturers of mobile devices produce spare parts for gadgets in principle:

• There are no original parts for restoring devices from Asus, Lenovo, Apple. To repair a device using factory components, you have to look for a donor product and borrow the missing parts from it. Many service center technicians do this, so finding original spare parts is a difficult task.
• For Meizu, Fly, Xiaomi models, the difference in price between original and analog spare parts is almost not noticeable. That is why service centers offer the original. It is valued above fakes.
• Original parts for Samsung, Nokia, Highscreen, HTC, Sony products are supplied with a significant difference in cost. In some cases it will be tenfold.
In the latter case, repair shop clients face a difficult choice.

Why is it important to supply only the original to clients?

Masters of service centers for repairing tablets and phones always provide their customers with a choice. To begin with, they offer the original; if the prices are too high, then they suggest where to get an analogue. At the same time, experts understand that a cheaper analogue results in dubious savings.

The part can quickly fail. After some time (under warranty), the client will bring the phone to the salon for repair. This is a waste of money and time that does not bring profit to the company. Some gadget owners simply go to other workshops - this is a loss of customers. At the same time, there is a high risk of damaging the entire device after installing a low-quality analogue of the original part. This is a big price to pay for little savings.

Therefore, when repairing your next phone or tablet, advise your customers only to use original components. This will reduce costs for subsequent repairs associated with the use of non-original parts, high-quality copies or fakes. But most importantly, the original is always compatible with the devices for which they are intended. The same cannot be said for copies and analogues, even despite the assurances of their manufacturers of compatibility.

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