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Life on the Home Front in the United States during WWII

It is challenging to serve the global market, because there is a need to meet customer needs at the same time minimizing the cost of production. In some markets, products can be sold to clients without adapting them to the local needs. However, in cultura...

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Virtual Organizations

Nowadays, there are many discussions about virtual organizations; however, not all of them come to a clear conclusion. Modern networked economy significantly increases its role. In response to these changes, companies are looking for new forms of cooperat...

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Buddhism and Hinduism

Buddhism and Hinduism are two of the world’s prominent and most influential religions. Both of the religions developed in South Asia and thus originated from a similar culture and philosophy. While greatly contrasting with the Western monotheistic r...

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My Longevity

Aging is an individual thing, and it differs from generation to generation. In most cases, aging predetermines the average life expectancy of a population. Sometimes certain ethnic groups prove to be unable to grow old and die from aging. That happens bec...

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Feminist Perspective

Feminism is not a single distinct theory, rather it is a set of adjacent perspectives collectively referred to as feminist theories. These theories share a number of principles which serve their common denominator. The first principle is the definition of...

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