The world rides on numbers these days. Numbers when seen from a rational and productive perspective get counted as data. But, as is the case with most things, mere data doesn’t mean anything in its raw form until and unless they are processed or rather analyzed by data analytics. It is this growth in data that requires the expertise of professionals to derive lessons out of it to describe, predict or visualize.


Distinction between data analysis and analytics

It has been a very common instance, among masses to merge the meaning and application of analysis and analytics with one another. However, with deeper research and field work it can easily be established how analysis of data refers to the process of reading or comprehending past events and thoroughly reviewing what happened. On the other hand, data analytics focuses on a more practical and rational approach towards looking at data by studying the reasons for various occurrences and further using the derivations to predict the aftermaths. Analytics stresses on consideration of all methodologies relating to the processing of data to serve the desired purpose, rather than on individual analyses or steps as seen in analytics.

Importance of Data analytics in modern businesses

Businesses in modern times have evolved extensively with the assistance of the Internet and the subsequent rise of proponents of globalization. With the rise in interconnectivity and reliability of and among firms, the importance of rationality towards numbers has grown significantly with a pace no one could imagine. Data analytics can be seen in action in wide ranges of businesses which are seen in your daily affairs. For instance, bank and financial firms apply analytics to derive withdrawal and spending patterns to identify potential threats in form of frauds and identity theft. Others in the business of e-commerce and mobile networking use data analytics to strengthen customer relations and enhance their marketing tactics by careful considerations of the learning are derived.


Why is data analytics trending?

As firms crave for increasingly large amounts of data to increase their insights, they need more experts or professionals to derive the needful patterns and trends out of clusters of big data. Internet of things, or IoT, is one of the main causes behind the rise in demands for data analytics, where data collected by the users is the main source of work with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Moreover, predictive analytics, being a key component of data analytics, helps firms in a very effective manner where it provides insights to businesses regarding customer’s responses. It also helps firms to deeply integrate technology with physical domains like finances or manufacturing industries. The fact that these developments have brought us closer to an era of open source alternatives for software provides an efficient opportunity for processing of data through intelligent means. It is these and many other factors that assist the growth of data analytics. This can be proven by observing the sharp rise in demand of CDOs, or chief data officers, in various firms worldwide.


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