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Add an assignment - Forum format Used in conjunction with a Forum page to score students on their posts and/or replies in a discussion topic.

Step One: General Assignment Information

Date range
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This optional due date will require that students complete any required initial posts prior to the due date below to allow more time for replies.
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Set up your rubric

Create a new rubric below, or import an existing one.

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Import or create a Rubric with which to grade here. Rubrics consist of several Criteria running down the left side, which define the areas in which a student will be assessed. Levels of Achievement (LOA) run horizontally across the top, indicating proficiency levels and specifying point values for those levels.

You will select one Level of Achievement for each Criterion for every student when grading. The sum total of the points achieved in each criterion will comprise the student's final grade.

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Which discussion topic do you want to grade student work in?
This course must contain at least one Forum Portlet, with a Category and a Topic, before you can create a Forum Assignment.

Step Two: Forums Assignment Options (Optional)

Specific requirements for this assignment:
At least
Ignore all posts shorter than
words long (Leave blank to accept all posts, regardless of length)
At least
Ignore all replies shorter than
words long (Leave blank to accept all replies, regardless of length)

Step Three: Instructions & Files (Optional)

The description is an (optional) concise introduction to the assignment. It is shown in the students' assignment list, so it shouldn't be long. The description is shown at all times that the assignment is visible.
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