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What is the importance of visuals in communication? What should one remember when using them?

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    by Delca Beyah
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    The importance of visual aids help your audience understand and remember information on what is being talked about. Visual aids also increase audience interest and participation. Keep your visuals simple, people tend to become distracted by wild crazy colors.

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    by Kennethee Dunner
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    • To hold your audience’s interest and make your meaning clear
    • Be careful not to get carried away
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    by Michael Nooks
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    by Letitia Taylor-Crusoe
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    Visual communication is to support the written communication or presentation not take its place. They should be researched, organized, and have the ability to be presented on their own to get the point across.

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    by Ashley Walls
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    The importance of visuals in communications is hold your audience interest and make things more clear. One should remember that visuals aid are suppose to support your information not replace it.

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    by Angela Whitaker
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    using visuals is important because it holds your audience attention and make your meaning clear. But you have to remember not to let the visual take away from your document or presentation it should support it.

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