Week 3 - Almost Done!

Greetings all! You are doing a great job! Just as a reminder, don't forget to make your initial post in the Forum on Wednesday. This will give your cohorts the opportunity to respond to your post in a timely manner. As always, if you need additional guidance or click here if you have questions, please give me a call at 205-516-2205 or email me at

تحميل جوجل بلاي

Two more weeks to the finish line!





Hello Everyone!

My name is Prof Kathy Wells. I will be your instructor for Business Communications. I am thrilled to be working with each of you! Please go into the course and browse around at your earliest convenience.  I think you will get excited about the material that we will be covering!

It’s great to have you in the course! I look forward to learning more about you all as the weeks progress. 

Effective communication is more important than ever in being successful in your career. Communication skills encompasses writing, reading, listening, non-verbal and speaking skills. In a day and age where technology enables us to transmit messages more rapidly and to a greater number of people, we must be skilled in how to properly communicate.

This is a Business Communication course so regular communication is very important. Please contact me for any questions you might have. Email and text are the best methods for reaching me.

I look forward to our interaction over the next five weeks!

Professor Wells

Email: / PH: 205-516-2205

Challenge Video:

              تحميل يوتيوب


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