Marriage Counselling As a Sole Activity

The decision to get married is one that nobody ever likely makes lightly. The decision to get married and to stay married is one that is all about doing the leg work and embracing the fact that there is nothing in the world wrong with asking for some outside perspective when you are trying to find your way forward through what can sometimes present itself as a challenging experience. All the love and respect in the world is sometimes not enough, and this is exactly how, where, and why avenues like counselling and therapy are so useful.

Marriage is often (if not nearly always) one of the greatest and most incredible experiences that an individual can have in their lifetime, however it is always a work in progress too. No matter how great a marriage is, it can always be better. And so this is where it makes all the sense in the world that married couples often make the choice to invest in a form of counselling and therapy if it is going to genuinely assist a married couple in finding a happy and healthy way forward - regardless of what that way forward might manifest itself as.

Marriage counselling and therapy can be a sole affair

Many couples believe that if they are going to invest in marriage counselling and therapy, then they must do it together. However, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, there are many married individuals who attend marriage counselling and therapy without their partner. There are many reasons that one might do this, however ultimately the only reason that matters is the reason that one chooses to go to marriage counselling alone, if that does happen to be the choice they ultimately make.

Marriage counselling can be about working on you

If you do ultimately decide to start marriage counselling and therapy alone, it is important to understand that while you might feel like your partner is the one who bares the brunt of your marital issues, you are a team and so at least part of the responsibility and overall accountability belongs with you. If your partner decides that they do not want to try therapy with you but you still want to try it, then ask yourself, ‘where is the best therapist near me?’, make that first appointment, and start the journey.

Marriage therapy can be a work in progress to become a team effort

Ultimately, sometimes marriage counselling and therapy is a work in progress. In fact, this is nearly always the case. While your partner might not initially want to go to counselling and therapy with you, there is a chance that over time you can work towards bringing them into the process. Of course, sometimes, all the work in the world is not enough and ultimately cannot make someone want to partake in therapy, however be aware that once they see the positive changes in you, then perhaps they might open themselves up the possibility of going to counselling or therapy with you.