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Description and recommendations for WhatsApp
WhatsApp is a messenger for quickly exchanging messages between users, either by voice or video call, or by text message. At first, it was created only for mobile phones, but later, it was extended to use on a computer.
The ability to use the application was not limited only to the Android platform, but also extended to IOS and Windows Phone. For the Windows operating system, a separate software was created that runs from Windows 7 to 10 versions.
Also, the developers created WhatsApp Web to connect the messenger through the browser.
Briefly about installing WhatsApp GB on PC
WhatsApp Web for Windows has been released for two flavors, 32 and 64-bit. WhatsApp published a recommendation on its website that you need to use the latest versions of WhatsApp GB no lower than Windows 8. This is due to the fact that version 7 no longer receives updates and the WhatsApp Web program may not work correctly.
Of course, we can see that so far WhatsApp is working on Windows 7 quite well, but how long it will last is a matter of time.
To install WhatsApp GB on your computer, you need a WhatsApp account, which can only be obtained through the mobile application. After installing the software, you will be shown a QR code that you need to read from the monitor using the WhatsApp mobile application.
You will not need to select the interface language, the setup will be done automatically by reading the language installed on Windows.

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