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Add an assignment - Online Test format For giving online tests to your students.

Step One: General Assignment Information

Date range
Select a date
Select a date
Select a date and time
Select a date and time
Set up your rubric

Create a new rubric below, or import an existing one.

Choose a grading rubric to import

Assignment Rubric Source Import
There was an error while importing that rubric.
Click here to try again, and if there's still a problem please contact an administrator for assistance.

Import or create a Rubric with which to grade here. Rubrics consist of several Criteria running down the left side, which define the areas in which a student will be assessed. Levels of Achievement (LOA) run horizontally across the top, indicating proficiency levels and specifying point values for those levels.

You will select one Level of Achievement for each Criterion for every student when grading. The sum total of the points achieved in each criterion will comprise the student's final grade.

Select a date and time

Step Two: Online Assignment Options (Optional)

Test review:
Select a date and time
Turn off all test review access after:
Select a date and time
Leave blank for no time limit
Section order:
Lock out:
Otherwise they can return to an interrupted attempt and keep working
Extra credit:
Otherwise extra credit will only raise scores to a maximum of 100%
If entered, students without this password can't take the test
This browser locks down the test environment, ensuring that students CANNOT take screenshots, copy/paste, print, view other websites, or use other applications (like instant messenger or email) while taking the test.
These retakes are used to automatically give all students multiple attempts. You can always grant individual retakes to specific students regardless of this setting.
Let students retake this test times after their first attempt
Retake waiting period The waiting period is how long a student must wait after finishing an attempt before starting another one. Leave it blank to allow retakes immediately.
This setting allows students to see their current grade recalculated after each attempt. Otherwise they will not see a grade until after the test has been turned in, as per the settings above. This setting is only meaningful if your entire test is scored automatically.

Step Three: Instructions & Files (Optional)

The description is an (optional) concise introduction to the assignment. It is shown in the students' assignment list, so it shouldn't be long. The description is shown at all times that the assignment is visible.
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