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Share what you have learned from this course and how it has helped you both personally and

professionally in the area of communication.  (150 WORDS MINIMUM)

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    LAVONNE BARCLAY's answers

    What I have learned from this course is how to become one with the audience and the importance of timing. What I mean by becoming one with the audience is, when you are giving a speech or trying to promote something, it is a good idea not to be too high for your audience. Your audience is key. Your audience should be able to understand what it is that you are trying to say and not feel like they are being lied to. They should be feel the genuineness of the speaker. It is a good idea to remember the attention span of people may not be that long, so it is a good idea to give clear and concise information. I can say that these areas have helped me both professionally and personally, because I have also learned that your body language shows or can cause an audience or clients to get the wrong impression and this could be both good and bad professionally or personally. Businesses could sink and friendships can be ruined. 

    Word count: 175 words
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    by Khandi Tankey
    Khandi Tankey's answers

    I've learned many helpful communication tips, principles, and rules I will continue to use in my personal life and in professional settings within my career field. I learned how to communicate effectively getting a clear message across while staying professional. I also learned that there are specific ways to delivering information when in business. For example when delivering bad news you are supposed to be polite considering the readers feelings while also being detailed oriented not leaving out any information. During the time period of our class i have participated in a job interview where I was able to use some of the things I've learned in class. For example during the span of my interview I remembered to keep eye contact with my interviewer and use correct grammar not using slang or acronyms. This class has been very useful to me on my journey in receiving my degree and I know I will continue to use what I learned from this course personally and professionally in the area of communication. 

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    by Willie Wilcher
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