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Explain the role of critical thinking in developing writing skills.

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    by W. Barclay
    W. Barclay's answers

    The role of critical thinking in developing writing skills I believe is to help individuals look at the information they are given and figure out how to come up with a solution to a problem. Critical thinking also broadens your knowledge it allows you to view things from different areas. Once you learn something you can then begin to apply it to your every day routine. Critical thinking helps me to develop a flow chart in my mind or on paper. I read a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks entitled Kitchenette. I thought it was about a kitchen but after dissecting and stretching my mind I found out that it was actually about a couples marriage during hard times and their apartment being so small that it was actually a kitchenette. This helped me with literature. Critical thinking can also help me to improve my communication skills when trying to express myself. Sometimes I have a hard time making clear expressions.


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    by Khandi Tankey
    Khandi Tankey's answers

    The role of critical thinking in writing skills is being aware of your thinking process when writing. Successful writing grabs the reader on a deep level that can be dynamic and motivating throughout the whole work.


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    by Willie Wilcher
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