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What are the key elements in a document that require revision? Briefly describe each.

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    by W. Barclay
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    Key elements in a document that need revising are: making sure your content is answering the who, what, when, where, why and how questions so your document will flow smoothly. Next, is evaluating the way you have your paper organized and decide which approach you are going to take and be sure that the information you put in your opening or thesis is also shown in the closing or conclusion of your paper or speech. Also, punctuation is key if certain punctuation's can effect the flow of your paper. If you use an exclamation point, this might give a tone of enthusiasm or anger. Spelling is also key, misspelled names or words can cause delays in a speech or paper. It can have the reader stumbling and pausing trying to decipher the sentence. It can make a sentence unclear.  

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    by Khandi Tankey
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    The key elements in a document that require revision are evaluate the content, evaluate organization, evaluate style, and evaluate readability. Evaluating the content means making sure the content corresponds with the assignment answering the who, what, where, when, why, and how within the assignment, Evaluating organization means using standard formats, deciding on what type of approach to use, using organizing principles, and paying attention to your transitions. Evaluating style means deciding word choice, grammatical structures, and what kind of tone to use to make sure your point gets across to the reader. Evaluating readability means the readers ability to read and comprehend the document.

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    by Willie Wilcher
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