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List the twelve items in the checklist for writing preparation

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    by W. Barclay
    W. Barclay's answers

    The twelve items I believe that should be included in the checklist for writing preparation are: general purpose, specific purpose, realistic, timing, credibility, positive, audience,audience composition, audience knowledge of topic, questions and response, channel which method should you use and information is true to the best of your ability. Whenever you are preparing a document or speech there should always be a sense of purpose that says, this will be done in order to get this done. It is always a good idea to remember the size of your audience or the individual who will be reading your paper. You always want to use a positive tone and have all of your information correct. The timing of the information needs to be in order you would not want to speak something at the wrong time or display something at the wrong time.


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    by Khandi Tankey
    Khandi Tankey's answers

    The twelve items in the checklist for writing preparation are to determine your general purpose, determine your specific purpose, make sure your purpose is realistic, make sure your timing is appropriate, make sure your sources are credible, make sure the message reflects positively on your business, determine your audience size, determine audience composition, determine audience knowledge and awareness of topic, anticipate probable responses, select the correct channel, make sure the information provided is accurate, ethical, and pertinent. 

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    by Willie Wilcher
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