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What are the four main sentence types? Give an example of each.

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    by W. Barclay
    W. Barclay's answers

    There are four main sentence types. The declarative which a sentence might read I am tired. The interrogative sentence might read; Why was the door to the conference room closed? Exclamatory sentences are sentences with a strong emotion being displayed for example, when i'm frustrated I find myself screaming I can't do this! Imperative sentence is a sentence where you might say to someone: Come here or Debra, put the three scoops of sugar in the bottom of the five gallon bucket and add three tea bags in the brewer and press start. Once the tea is complete brewing, add three gallons of waters and sit the bucket in the cooler for the lunch rush. This sentence gives direction.

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    by Khandi Tankey
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    The four main sentence types are declarative e.x. You are invited to join us for lunch., imperative e.x Please join us for lunch., interrogative e.x Would you like to join us for lunch?, exclamatory e.x i'm so glad you can join us!.

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    by Willie Wilcher
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