Cut down a tree piece by piece

Removing trees in parts with hanging

When it is necessary to cut down a tree in difficult conditions of the settlement - industrial mountaineering is the best option. This service is requested if it is necessary to cut down a diseased or old tree, a tree threateningly hanging over a building or located in close proximity to power lines, fences.

There are several different ways to remove trees using industrial mountaineering, and the prices for using one or another method can vary significantly. The most expensive, it is also the most difficult way to cut down a tree is to cut the tree in parts with hanging. Why is this method the most difficult and costly and when is it necessary to use it?

Why should you turn to professionals?

To cut down any tree, you need special knowledge. In no case do we recommend doing the saw cut yourself. Arborists take on the work that cannot be done "with their own hands." Only experienced professionals are able to correctly assess the situation, apply the best and safest method of work and guarantee the integrity of adjacent buildings.
You need a special expensive tool. Naturally, if there is enough free space around the tree and the tree itself is relatively “young”, then you can get by with an ordinary saw and cut it with your own hands. But as we said above, arborists, as a rule, are not needed in such cases. If the territory is limited in area, and the trees are such that even one girth is not enough, then you cannot do without a special tool and expensive chainsaws.

When is a tree cut down?

A tree cut with a curtain is used when the tree hangs over a building or power line. In this case, a rope with a carabiner (base) is fixed on the tree trunk, through which the parts to be removed will be hung. The second base is at the foot of the tree. The rope to which the part to be cut is tied passes through the first base and is attached to the second. The sawn off parts of the trunk are thrown down, but do not reach the ground, hanging on a rope. The load, with all precautions, slowly descends. The procedure is repeated until there is a section of the trunk on which it is advisable to mount the base. The rest of the work is done by hand.

It is also possible to remove trees with hanging parts from a neighboring tree. In this case, the base is fixed not on the tree being cut, but on a neighboring tree comparable in strength. This method is ideal when working with dried or half-rotted wood - it is possible to avoid additional stress when jerking the rope. The distance between trees should not exceed one and a half to two meters.