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Share what you have learned from this course and how it has helped you both personally and

professionally in the area of communication.  (150 WORDS MINIMUM)

  • 20/20
    by Romell Chaney
    Romell Chaney's answers

    In business communication, I learned several new things while being in this class. I learned mostly about teamwork and communication skills. It so much you have to remember going into doing a speech. You have to be sure that everything is perfect. your delivery of the speech has to make your audience respect you and what you are about to say. Being a team player also is key in business communication. If you own a business or work for a great business, team work is going to be needed within the business. You all have to count on each other to make sure everything is going right and everything is moving in the right direction. When everyone does there job, everything becomes easier. But if you have some co-workers that are not on the same page, then everything will be difficult. Ms. Kathy Wells, I want to thank you for teaching me this past few weeks. Learning from you was very awesome and I enjoyed every discussion we had on Wednesday. Thank You!!!!!!

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    by Jasmine Jordan
    Jasmine Jordan's answers

    In this course I have learned to better my business communication skill both personally and professionally. Growing up shy, I wasn't really good at communating because I really didn't know how to. Though there are plenty was of communicating like verbal and non-verbal communication, communication can also take a lot of overtime skills and practice. Today, communicationg has gotten easier and is better for people growing the way I was. To be effective in everyday life you have to know how to communiicate, wheather its in your home or at your place of employment. Good communication skills can get you very far and make your career as whatever it is you want to be a whole lot easier. Once you start talking, a good communicator can makke others feel comfprtable. Being that I want to be a business woman, my communication skills has to be above normal because I have to make investors and even my employees feel as if they can trust me. 

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    by Sherita Tuck
    Sherita Tuck's answers

    During this course I have learned so much. I know more information about oral and written communication. Oral and written forms of communication are similar, they can be divided into verbal and nonverbal categories. Professionally I now understand how written communication is important when it comes to sending out emails. I am now comfortable with oral communication. I will speak loud and clear and stay away from my shyness.

    I now understand how important it is to conduct an audience prior to giving a presentation so your listeners will respond as you wish.

    I learned all about persuasion and charisma. These skills are important in a business communication so owners can motivate employees through the difficult periods and to help them stay strong centered through the good times.

    i now understand how important it is to watch your nonverbal communications so people won't get the wrong idea.

    I will take all what you have taught in the course and use it in my everyday life personally and professionally.

    Thank You!

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  • 20/20
    by Eddie Williams
    Eddie Williams's answers

    A lot of what we are learning in these business class are common sense that we have a tendency of simply overlooking.  We often practice these traits daily without even knowing.  Thanks to this class I am more aware of my audience, how to deliver negative news, how to setup, revise, and present my message, but one of the best things I learned was about my nonverbal delivery.  Being able to sell a project before even pitching my ideals based on my eye contact, appearance, or even extending my hand as we greet are all very important. If they like what they see we have half of the battle won all before I ever speak.  

    I deal with an average of 140 young men a year in my program, and every year I have a new set of parents. I have to convince these parents that I have their young men best interest at heart.  Looking professional, sounding profession, and delivering the right message from the beginning is crucial for what I am trying to achieve with these young men.  I find myself being much more aware of the traits I have learned from this class. 

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  • 20/20
    by Toi Wright- Anders
    Toi Wright- Anders's answers

    I learned early on day one, that my hand gestures were a communication NO NO! I think a culmination of things have happened to me while taking this course. I have learned how a few of my oral communication skill could be distracting. I learned better non verbal communication skill such as body language and facial expression. I also took the time to reflect on my management skills and how my communication skilled actually pushed me into the category of being a good manager. I've always been a talker but more than that I love to listen and get a clear understanding of situations and listening is always better than talking. It just makes for a better outcome when you have gotten all the facts. Critical thinking is something I will be implementing more of as I feel the discipline, and self directed motivation/correction would be very beneficial in my life.   

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