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What are the elements of the communication process?

Hector's answers
  • Source
  • Receiver
  • Message
  • Channel
  • Feedback
  • Environment
  • Context
  • Interference
Word count: 1 words

Explain the role of critical thinking in developing writing skills.

Hector's answers

Critical thinking means becoming aware of your thinking process. its a human trait that allows us to step outside what we read or write and ask ourselves. Sometimes our thinking is very abstract and becomes clear only through the process of getting thoughts down in words. As a character in E.M. Fosters Aspects of the Novel said, "How can I tell what I think till I see what I say? did you really write what you meant to, and will it be easily understood by reader? Successful writing forms a relationship with the audience, reaching the reader on a deep level that can be dynamic and motivating. In contrast, when writing falls to meet the audiences expectations, you already know the consequences : they all move on.

Excellent business writing can be inspiring, and it is important to not lose that sense of inspiration as we deconstruct the process of writing to its elemental components.

Word count: 154 words

How important is concentration in writing?

Hector's answers

To be a great writer, you have to be able to concentrate. Not only that but you have to be able to maintain focus for sustained periods. It’s not the only thing you’ll need but it’s a good start.

When you are writing, the best results are achieved when you are able to concentrate effectively and for long periods of time. Some people are naturally more able to concentrate than others; however everyone can improve their concentration as long as they know the techniques and the skills involved. This guide provides tips and advice that will help you improve your concentration and create better essays. Good concentration provides benefits in all aspects of life and not just your journey through academia, which makes these tips even more useful to know and apply.

Word count: 134 words

List the twelve items in the checklist for writing preparation

Hector's answers
  1. Determine your general purpose.
  2. Determine your specific purpose.
  3. Make sure your purpose is realistic.
  4. Make sure your timing is appropriate.
  5. Make sure your sources are credible.
  6. Make sure the message reflects positively on your business.
  7. Determine audience size.
  8. Determine audience composition.
  9. Determine audience knowledge and awareness of topic.
  10. Anticipate probable responses.
  11. Select the correct channel.
  12. Make sure the information provided is accurate ,ethical, and pertinent.
Word count: 54 words

What are the four main sentence types? Give an example of each.

Hector's answers
  1. Declarative EX: You are invited to join us for lunch.
  2. Imperative EX: Please join us for lunch.
  3. Interrogative EX: Would you like to join us for lunch?
  4. Exclamatory EX: I'm so glad you can join us!
Word count: 33 words
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