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JoAnna's exam was turned in 8 days late on Sunday, July 10 at 9:28 PM with a due date on Sunday, July 3 at 12:00 AM
This did not incur any late penalty
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Response from Dr. Kathy Wells Edwards

JoAnna, I noticed that you have not submitted this assignment. If you are participating in this course, please note that you have until the 10th to complete this assignment. Please contact me at 205-516-2205 or if you are no longer in this course.


feedback from Dr. Kathy Wells Edwards, 7/5/2016 7:11 AM

Hello JoAnna, do you have the PowerPoint from week 1?  You need to submit it today so that I can grade it.


feedback from Dr. Kathy Wells Edwards, 7/10/2016 9:48 AM
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feedback from you, 11/21/2020 2:45 PM
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