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What are the elements of the communication process?

Cheryl's answers

The elements of the communication process are whether oral or written are:

source- creates the message

receiver- receives the message from the source

message- is the stimulus or meaning produced by the source for the receiver

channel-is the way a message travels between the source and receiver

feedback-the message the receiver sends in response to the source

environment-is the physical atmosphere where the communication occurs.

context-involves the psychological expectations of the source and receiver

interference-also known as noise, interference is anything that blocks or distorts the communication process.


Word count: 80 words

Explain the role of critical thinking in developing writing skills.

Cheryl's answers

Critical thinking means becoming aware of your thinking process. It's a human trait that allows us to step outside what we read or write and ask ourselves, "Does this really make sense?". "Are there other, perhaps better, ways to explain this idea?".

Basically, we need to ask ourselves questions relating to what we are going to write and what we have already written. We have to make sure that it makes sense to others as well and evaluate if it's what we are really trying to convey to someone.

As a habit of mind, critical thinking requires established standards and attention to their use, effective communication, problem solving, and a willingness to acknowledge and address our own tendency for confirmation bias, egocentrism, and sociocentrism.

Word count: 122 words

How important is concentration in writing?

Cheryl's answers

Concentration is very important in writing because it allows for an individual to write effectively and possess critical thinking skills which are needed when preparing and writing a document.


Word count: 29 words

List the twelve items in the checklist for writing preparation

Cheryl's answers

1. Determine your general purpose: are you trying to inform, persuade, entertain, facilitate interaction, or motivate a reader?

2. Determine your specific purpose (the desired outcome).

3. Make sure your purpose is realistic.

4. Make sure your timing is appropriate.

5. Make sure your sources are credible.

6. Make sure the message reflects positively on your business.

7. Determine audience size.

8. Determine audience composition.

9. Determine audience knowledge and awareness of topic.

10. Anticipate probable responses.

11. Select the correct channel.

12. Make sure the information provided is accurate, ethical, and pertinent.

Throughout this chapter we will examine these various steps in greater detail.


Word count: 93 words

What are the four main sentence types? Give an example of each.

Cheryl's answers

Declarative- Apply for your parking permits for the Fall semester.


Imperative- Please apply for your parking permits for the Fall semester.


Interrogative- Do you want to apply for parking for the Fall semester?


Exclamatory- Thank you for applying for parking for the Fall semester!

Word count: 44 words
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