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Ok so I’ve been going to the gym for about 3 months and there’s this guy who goes at the same time. I must confess I have a crush on him, sometimes when we are in the workout room (cardio machines) I might be doing the elliptical machine and he might be in the front row doing the treadmill and I am just starring at him seeing him run as i lam listening to crush (david archuleta) . Anyways sometimes i feel like he notices me but pretends not to care too much or ignores me, the other day we almost bump into each other and we had our first laugh together, i couldn’t stop thinking about what a great feeling that was, for me to finally hear him laugh. But he is either shy or not into me, although sometimes he stands in front of me and pretends to be watching the t.v in front. I don’t want to make a move what if he is not interested at all, but i kind of feel some chemestry, he looks like he is in the late 28-30 he is a tall latino man wears glasses and looks very serious, and i am 33 so maybe I am to old for him(i am a 5’7 latina, i just lost 20 lbs so now i am 150 :) I consider myself attractive. I don’t know what to do, what if he is really shy and i start talking to him and he takes me for a flirt. But i guess that would be the only way to find out and for me to stop dreaming, i think the next time I see him i will look for a way to excersice on a treadmill right next to him and start a conversation i just can’t continue to be so close to him and not know.


MidoriLei Says:

October 12th, 2011 at 12:16 pm

Hi Jessi L,


Just to make things clear, you are reading an advice column from a very traditional woman. I would NEVER advise a woman to make the first move with a guy (ask him out).


I think the most important thing is for you to wait, be patient, and smile a lot. A smile is enough motivation for a man to approach you if he is truly interested. I wouldn’t even go out of your way to run right next to him and strike a conversation. A guy can read right through that. He will either think, hmmm she’s interested and confident, or hmmm she’s really forward and desperate. It can go either way, but do you really want to risk that interpretation?


You can read this article about shy guys:


or this article about why you shouldn’t pursue a man:

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