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Freshly baked! Best-selling model TOP 20

Freshly baked!

The latest hot list of electronic components in August, TOP 20 list and models:

Best-selling model TOP 20


Model Name Stock
PESD24VS1UB,115 TVS diode 16520
63824-1 Quick connect terminal  60576
TMPC1004H-150MG-D Power inductor 13204
CR0603FA0000G Thick film resistor 28330
1N4741A Zener diode 1386
74LVC1G04GV,125 General logic circuit  17884
HIN202ECPZ Thick film resistor 27955
CGA5L1X7R1H106KT0Y0N Automotive MLCC 9750
C1608X5R1A106KT000E General MLCC 21961
DS75176BTM-NOPB Thick film resistor 204017
VEJ101M1CTR-0605 SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor 4996
MPZ2012S601ATD25 Automotive bead 2695
PTH12010LAH DC-DC converter 50
BZX55C2V2 Zener diode 9199
C3225X7R1H106MT000E General MLCC 5380
MAX222EWN General logic circuit  151
1206CG3R3C500NT General MLCC 75140
HCB2012KF-600T30 Bead 20920
MPZ1608S221ATA00 Bead 1400
NCE40P40K Power MOSFET 12500
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