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Re: Persuasive Writing/Presentations
Posted in Collaboration]]]]]]]]] > Forums on 7/5/2017 10:13:55 PM


Personality is a huge part of business communication. It is important to be persuasive and charismatic to draw others into ideas and directions. Persuasion is an act or process of presenting arguments to move, motivate, or change your audience (Business Communication for Success, 2012). In business communication, it is important to effectively use persuasion to present a business plan or the next big idea to a panel of decision makers. Providing valid key points and presenting the information in a way that is concise and easy to understand. Charisma can inspire devotion and motivation in others. There are similarities between persuasion and charisma, because they both can move people.


Barak Obama is a charismatic leader. His speeches drew a nation into his belief of change. In the deliverance of his speeches he made some people believe in themselves a little bit more. He helped a nation to believe that anything was possible. TD Jakes is charismatic and persuasive. He is motivational and encouraging through his messages. His delivery is thought provoking and emotional. He is persuasive, because the message is to lead people closer to God. He uses circumstances of past, present, and future to make a connection with his audience.





Business Communication for Success. (2012). Saylor Academy.

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Re: Re: Persuasive Writing/Presentations
Posted in Collaboration]]]]]]]]] > Forums on 7/5/2017 10:23:00 PM

Persuasive and charismatic communicatiors are driven by a belief system. This system can be negative or positive. Religious leaders and business leader have the ability to use their voices for good or bad. In business many communicators use persuasion to motivate a sales team or charisma to motivate employees lto work a little harder. Mother Teresa was a profound inspirational leader. She was gentle and charismatic. Steve Jobs was a master of persuation. Je believed in his product more than anyone else. This made it easy fo him to find passion to persuade buyers and other businesses. 

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Re: Re: Re: Persuasive Writing/Presentations
Posted in Collaboration]]]]]]]]] > Forums on 7/8/2017 2:07:02 PM

Thank you. I love big personalities. Td Jakes and Barak Obama are great examples of inspirational leaders with charisma. Persuasion and charisma go hand in hand. Personality draws people in and gathers their attention, The Potter's House has a huge crowd every Sunday. Td Jakes has millions of viewers that look to him for inspiration and uplifting. He is a pastor, but he is funny and captivating. 

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Re: Charisma and Persuasion
Posted in Collaboration]]]]]]]]] > Forums on 7/9/2017 10:48:50 PM

Charm is a magnetic part of charisma. You made a great point about persuading co-workers to agree with persuasion. Many people tend to agree more with someone they like or can relate. In order to get others bought into an idea requires some finesse and charisma. There are so many people who have brilliant ideas and are afraid to share them, because they lack charisma and the ability to persuade. I have seen several people share their ideas with someone who has he personality to charm and persuade and their idea is stolen. In many instances ideas are stolen, because of a lack of confidence. Persuasion and charisma requires some practice and perfection.

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