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What are the key elements in a document that require revision? Briefly describe each.

(extra credit 10pts extra credit)
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    by Shanna Davis
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    The key elements in a document that require revision are:


    1. Format - design expectations of author or audience

    2. Facts - making sure information is factual

    3. Names - make sure all names mentioned are spelled correctly

    4. Spelling -  check spelling of words

    5. Punctuation - make sure the punctuation is correct so the reader can follow your writing correctly

    6.  Grammar - writing correctly by using good English grammar

    Word count: 67 words
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    by Sharii Hill
    Sharii Hill's answers

    Format • This is the design expectation of the author and audience. Proper format of a document can provide a good presentation

    Facts • Providing information that is accurate and true with references such as: encyclopedias, directories, atlases, and other standard reference works; and, increasingly, in online sources.

    Names • Properly spelling names and titles will provide credibility to the document and make a better impression. 

    Spelling • Correct spelling is imperative. Incorrect spelling can have a negative impact on the writer, because spelling errors stick out. These errors can disrupt the credibility of the writer. 

    Punctuation • Punctuation marks are the traffic signals, signs, and indications that allow us to navigate the written word. They serve to warn us in advance when a transition is coming or the complete thought has come to an end. 

    Grammar Grammar involves the written construction of meaning from words and involves customs that evolve and adapt to usage over time. 

    Word count: 150 words
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    by Brenda Townsend
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    by Willie Wilcher
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    Format- involves the design expectations of author and audience.

    Facts- The information in your writing must be factual and referenced.

    Names- Make sure all names in the writing are spelled correctly.

    Spelling- Make sure all words in the text are spelled correctly.

    Punctuation- All punctuation marks must be placed correctly.

    Grammar- involves the construction of meaning from words and involves customs that evolve and adapt to usage over time.

    Word count: 64 words
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    by Brent Wilcox
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