The Storage of Vehicles

Many places offer the option of vehicle storage near you. If you are running out of space in your garage or just need a temporary space for your car or other vehicle, there are several storage options for you. Whether you are trying to save a classic car you need a place to store your kayak or snowmobile once the season ends or you simply need an additional parking space, vehicle storage can meet your needs.

Fenced Storage Properties

The Storage Mart storage properties are fully enclosed around the perimeter and access to the property is closed and controlled through a keypad system. Each client has a unique PIN code to enter and leave the property, with video cameras throughout the property and great lighting.

Types of Vehicles in Storage:

Seasonal or Seasonal Vehicles

Large and small, there are many seasonal items that can be stored indoors or outdoors. Some of these include motorcycles, automobiles, convertibles, vintage vehicles and collection, such as muscle cars, trucks and vans. Depending on the size and the possible need for temperature control, it is possible for a temporary parking space or interior installation.

Boats and RV’S

Whether you need to park a jet ski or RV, you will have a great advantage parking large vehicles in a storage facility. Our closed and well-lit property is the ideal place to store and park any number of vehicles. Examples of what could be stored or parked are: kayaks, canoes, jet skis and boats of all shapes and sizes, camping trailers, pop-up campers and RV vehicles.

Recreational Vehicles

Some of your favorite hobbies may require a vehicle. Some of these can be four-wheel drive and all-terrain vehicles, recreational vehicles, trailers and golf carts.

Things to Keep in Mind When Storing Vehicles


The size of your car will play an important factor in the square meters that you and the property manager will decide on the best according to your needs and budget. Keep in mind that if your vehicle requires accessories, you would need to make space in your storage unit for these.


Vehicles need maintenance like anything else. This means that it is necessary to determine what type of access works best for you, including the characteristics of the property and the hours of operation to remove, clean and possibly repair your vehicle.

Small letter

Vehicles on the property must be in operational condition and no repair or maintenance can be performed on the property. Proof of registration and coverage policy is also required to store vehicles on the property

A clean and fenced environment is exactly what you need for your car or jet ski, and with vehicle storage, you can store these valuables with ease and affordability.