Supplier Self Storage specialized since 1997, we give you all the technical means for the construction of self-storage project in its entirety, from the simple mobile storage unit to the building Self Storage Complete delivered as a "turnkey project"

As a self-storage Largo Supplier, we offer you access to a wide choice of profile materials for corridors and corridors. We can offer you many solutions to create the look and feel you want in your establishment. All our solutions will provide you Quality, Flexibility and Security!

We provide all the necessary solutions for self-storage, mini-warehouse, locker systems to portable storage buildings. We specialize in the production, supply and installation of Self Storage facility components. You set your goal, we take care of the rest.

We invite you to see for yourself. Explore our site to learn about the many benefits of working with Multi Storage Systems Solutions. We offer more than just doors. We offer solutions.


Every customer is at the center of every project. We provide all the services you need to make your project a success. We specialize in the production of all Self Storage system components, from curtain doors to standalone corridor partitions, mezzanine platforms, to locker systems. Our commitment to our customers begins with the product design and extends after installation in the accompaniment of each customer towards its success. The components of Multi Storage Systems have fewer materials, so they are faster to install and more efficient for construction, resulting in savings that we pass on to our customers. We offer exceptional customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and innovative manufacturing processes as part of MSS.


The goal of Multi Storage Systems is to offer the best product and customer service of the Self Storage industry.

With our 15 years of experience in the world of "self -storage" alongside the Founder of Self Storage Founder of the Extra-professional Chamber of Self Storage and all these years serving the largest Self Storage companies, today we put all our "know how" at your disposal, to realize your project in "Self-Storage"!

To achieve this goal, the world's leading manufacturer brings expertise in the manufacture of third-generation self-storage doors and an in-depth knowledge of various self-storage markets. MS Self Storage Supplier brings international recognition with an extensive network of distribution points and a wide variety of construction components. In one year, we produce and install hundreds of kilometers of partition profiles, acres of flooring, and thousands of doors for storage units.

Self-Storage Worldwide

Self-storage or variations on the business model are now found in many parts of the world. In 2014, ODESSA, the federation of self-storage associations, published a report about the state of the self-storage industry in USA. In this report, it was estimated that 975 facilities exist in the United Kingdom, 430 in France, 264 in The Netherlands, 210 in Spain, 131 in Germany, and 112 in Sweden. No other country in USA has more than 100 facilities.

Storage Auctions

In the United States, self-storage facilities may hold storage auctions or lien sales to vacate non-paying tenants according to their enforcement rights that are outlined within the lien law of each jurisdiction. Facilities owners are generally required to first notify the tenant of the outstanding debt, commonly by certified or registered mail to the address on file with the facility. If the debt remains unpaid, the facility must then give public notice of the sale or auction, generally in a newspaper of general circulation in most states, though some states may allow public notice of sales to be done in the internet. The tenant has the right to pay their outstanding bill at any time until the moment the auction begins and thus reclaim rights to the unit and his/her items; those units would be removed from the auction