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Why You Need Stored Property Tenant Insurance and How to Get It

Tenant insurance is insurance meant to cover items kept in a storage facility and safeguard them against risks of loss, theft or damage. Some homeowners’ insurance policies can cover items in an off-site location but it is always good to confirm that. If the policy does not extend to ensure your belongings in the storage unit, you need to get one. This is a requirement for all storage units Orange services just like is the case with any other part around the globe. This type of insurance is not common like other forms of insurance. However, well-established storage facilities have access to tenant insurance programs for their customers to purchase from their premises.


Why Tenant Insurance is Important


Well, even if you are going to keep your items in the short-term, it is important to secure tenant insurance for your belongings. Here is why…


  • Protection against loss of high-value items. Items with high fiscal value cannot be left to chance hence the need for the insurance cover. However, the cover does not include high-end valuables such as jeweler and furs since they require some special insurance cover of their own.


  • Protection against Adverse Weather conditions. Your belongings can be susceptible to harsh weather conditions. In case of any damage result from such conditions, compensation can be made under this insurance policy. However, problems of flooding are not insured in this cover but special flood insurance can be secured.


  • Protection from theft. Even with the installed security measures, you still have to make sure that your belongings are protected against burglary. Therefore, this is not an excuse to store your belongings in situations with compromised security.


  • It is a requirement by the law. There is no way you are going to leave your goods in a storage unit without insurance cover. It’s just like driving a car without insurance – it’s that serious. The law requires that you get insurance for your belongings in an offsite storage facility.


Getting tenant Insurance Coverage


Now that you realize it is important to get insurance cover for your belongings in a storage unit, it is time to find out how you can get it. Even when the storage facility does not need it, it is important you get insurance for storage units when you use them. To avoid any challenges when that time comes, it is important to conduct thorough research to find out of you will get coverage for your items. Here is how to get insurance for your property in a storage unit.


  • Check your existing homeowner’s insurance cover. Start by asking whether the storage can accept renters or homeowner’s insurance covers. If they do, inform the insurance company and ask whether the policy can be extended to cover your belongings at the storage unit.


Check all the details if offered and confirm if you will require a separate rider and the cost implications on a monthly basis. Provide any proof of insurance needed by the storage company after checking what items will be covered and those that are excluded.

  • Ask for recommendations. Your storage company can help you with insurance provider recommendations to choose from. You can easily get connected and finalize your storage process right away.


  • Look for options by yourself. Do your own research to find out what options you got out there in the market. In your search, confirm details of the coverage limit, restrictions on inventory, rules of the policy and what will be covered by the policy.


  • Choose a company and ensure you make timely premium payments. Provide the requisite documentation and get your goods covered. For your policy to remain valid, make sure that you make timely premium payments. Find out the repercussions of defaulting on payments. It will help you have the peace of mind that your goods are safe regardless of what happens.


The Bottom Line


Everyone using self-storage facilities needs tenant insurance cover to secure the safety of their belongings and protection against risks of loss, damage and theft. It is very important to have it even if you choose the best storage services there are in the market. Insurance for your goods gives you the peace that you have them no matter what incidences may occur.