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What You Need to Know About Swimming Pool Fences

There is always a lot of excitement about having a swimming pool but that doesn’t come without regulation. One of the areas that involve regulation is in the fencing of swimming pools. Anyone preparing to install a swimming pool should be aware of these regulations and most probably use professional Pool Guard pool fencing services to do the job right. With all the fun around swimming pools, one should be aware of the risks of accidents that could occur. For the reason, it is advisable to stay informed of how to fence it as required by the law.


Swimming pool fences are among the top safety checks to consider when installing your pool. Keeping your pool safe around or away is very important for obvious reasons. You do not want to be a cause for accidents. At the same time, you want to ensure that it is free from unauthorized access among other things. Here is more that you need to know about swimming pool fences:


There are rules governing Pool fencing installation


Whether you are installing a swimming pool for private or commercial use, it is important to know the regulations regarding their fencing. Regional regulations concerning the fencing of swimming pools should be the guiding rules for anyone fencing their pool. Ensuring safety for all users is highly recommend and that is why fencing your pool is a major requirement.


There are different rules for each region governing the construction of swimming pools and the installation of respective fences and gates. It is expected that each pool owner will be able to follow these regulations through and abide by them. More assistance can be obtained from an insurance company to ensure total compliance with the set by-laws.


Ensure that you meet the specified fence measurements of height. Usually, fences should not be built with openings of more than four inches between rails. This is one of the general rules that apply in the construction of swimming pool fences. The specifications may not be the same but they revolve around the same features. Most importantly, your fence is not supposed to allow climbing. However, chain link together with privacy lattice is allowed.


As part of the fencing, a gate to the swimming pool should be installed. Most authorities required gates to be self-closing using self-latching doors. This should apply for all openings located within the swimming pool region. These are just the basics that may not apply exactly as stipulated here. It is always recommended for owners to check with local regulations to get the exact guidance on the same. In order not to spoil the fun, it is good ensure compliance with these regulations.


Swimming pool Fence Maintenance and Repair


Once the fence has been installed, proper care and maintenance should be exercised to ensure it remains in good condition at all times. Frequent inspections should, therefore, be conducted for holes, cracks or any failure that could leave the fence in deplorable condition. All these checks should be done at least once during pool opening and closing. This important procedure protects the pool from unwanted access and use by unauthorized persons. Therefore, do not stop at the installation stage. Follow through to ensure that the fence remains together as long as the swimming pool will be in use.


You can do more than the required Fencing Basics


Everything done to fence your swimming pool is for your own good. Therefore, while governing authorities may have a say on what to do, you can include more reinforcements to make your system rigid. At the end of it all, it will serve to protect your interests more than those of the government. Additional reinforcements may include alarms and other security features that may deem useful for this establishment. In case of any breach of the fence, you will easily be alerted and take the necessary action.


Final Remarks


If you already own a swimming pool or are planning to install one on your premises, it is important to take note of the fencing requirements laid out by the local authority. Compliance to these regulations is necessary whether for public or private use. Engage a professional pool fencing company to do it right.