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Update in the Blog 107

The update that came in Blog 107 creates problems during installation. Many users get the error of installing new libraries. Registering libraries is a persistent problem in Windows 10. I would recommend using testing to solve this problem. The test solution is one of the most effective ways to test students' knowledge on a particular topic. This is fast and in most cases has an objective result. But it has its drawbacks. For example, the availability of response options simplifies the solution for students, since for some tests you can find a logical answer among the options. Student testing is also a great tool for remotely controlling knowledge. Using testing helps to improve the quality of the educational process. This makes it possible to unify the knowledge base of which a student of a college or university should possess. Now there are many professional writers who are engaged in the development of tests for students. There is even a single database of tests where each test has its own PapersOwl rating. You can find it on the It is also easy to find reviews on various testing systems on the Internet. In some universities, there are quality departments that regularly test students for tests from the base of the Research Institute for Monitoring the Quality of Education. This type of control does not allow teachers to deviate from the thematic plan of the academic discipline and forces more attention to be paid to the quality of students' training. In the context of the organization of independent work of students testing is one of the possibilities of self-control of students' knowledge.

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