The Storage is a set of activities

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The Storage is a set of activities that make up the storage units Etobicoke, process separate from other processes performed by the company. Storage units is an activity whose function is to temporarily constitute the goods and store them. The following operations are part of these activities storage unit operations, storage, inspection, completion, registration and release of warehouse inventory.

The storage unit work includes the unloading and loading of the goods, the service of the transport equipment inside the warehouse and the manual handling and lifting of the goods. loads.

The Objectives of the Storage Units Process:

  • Efficient storage unit of goods - storage unit used to store the resources used in each process.
  • Detailed registration of goods in stock - with the various tasks performed in the warehouse are provided information on the quality of deposited funds, as well as their quantity; registration of particular goods.
  • The early communication of deficiencies - storage purposes is also providing advance information on the fence stock, so that it is possible to prevent shortages.

This is to Improve the Storage Unit Process:

  • Communicate shortcomings - using attesting software could also effectively manage shortage unit, minimizing downtime at factory work.
  • Goods registration - thanks to the introduction of central management and product registration, the capacity of the unit will be increased.
  • Information on shortages - by using the recording software one can manage the shortages in a more efficient way, minimizing work stoppages.

The Storage Unit Services We Offer:

  • Rent a national magazine, temporary storage unit, outdoor
  • Storage unit of goods in the modern storage area, equipped with high storage unit
  • Specialized storage unit services such as preparation of goods for final shipment
  • Service on the basis of FIFO and DEFOE

Goods Storage Unit Systems

The storage unit system is also dependent on the nature of the goods stored. The description below is far from exhaustive. It corresponds to the less complex systems and in which the storage and sampling operations are almost not automated at all.

Storage Units of Small Rooms

Small parts are stored in closed stores. The use of open rack or drawer shelving systems is well suited for this category of items. Due to their small size and a small footprint, the investments required for the construction of the rooms are less. Because in the end it takes little space for a large number of stored parts. By default, each drawer or cell of a rack has a fixed, unique and invariable address.

Storage Unit of Unitary Materials

The unit materials we are referring to here are logistic units, already packaged in a package or other device for ease of handling and transport. Are found in this section:

  • Palatalized goods;
  • Goods packaged in tin, barrel;
  • Goods packaged in rolls,
  • Piping;
  • Crates, drink racks;

These are categories of goods that, depending on the case, are stored in open or closed stores. They can be the object of a mass storage units. Non-stack able units require the use of shelving for optimal use of storage areas. For an orderly tracking, it is imperative that the addressing of these goods obey a system of fixed and invariable locations.