The Latest in Beauty Tech: Pico Laser

First we had laser to remove moles, freckles and other discolorations on our skin but it literally burnt it off. You would be able to smell burning flesh fused with an electrical charge in the air, but that gave way to micro laser, and the nano followed, which promised less pain and more effectiveness. Today, we have the pico laser which is 1000 times smaller than nano. This ensures that it is virtually painless and can target pigmentation much more effectively.

Short down time

With conventional lasers, you will have an unsightly wound on your skin for a week or two as it heals. With pico, there is no such problem and you will have one to two days of downtime at most.

How it works

While it is not completely painless, pico delivers energy so rapidly that it shatters the affected areas without burning the surrounding tissue. It is so precise that it doesn’t even burn the skin as it merely targets the areas it is focused on. Unlike the Q-switch laser, it is able to remove blue and green pigment from the skin.

Highly effective

Conventional lasers are also less effective but pico lasers guarantee result delivery in one to two treatments, regardless of what you are targeting: pigmentation, scarring (even ice-pick scars can be treated with pico) or tattoos. It is so effective in removing tattoos that there will be no scarring at all and neither will there be the tiniest bit of inkling that you used to have a tattoo where you had it removed. Your skin will be unblemished and good as new - literally, as the laser will stimulate your skin into creating more collagen which will make your skin younger. There are treatments utilizing pico laser to eradicate fine lines and collagen treatments whereby the skin is tricked into thinking it’s harmed - when it’s not - which encourages the production of collagen which then replenishes and nourishes the skin, making it brighter and tighter. This is known as the rejuvenation treatment.

Similar healing

While it is dramatically different from conventional lasers, after getting pico laser you should also observe the following: no picking at the scabs, no sun tanning or any skin stimulating activity such as hot baths should be avoided. Furthermore, you should consider taking steps to protect your skin from the sun and sun damage accounts for most of the dermatology problems which persist today. Whether it’s oily skin, dull skin or simply skin that has lost its elasticity, we have the sun to blame for that.

Not for active acne

Despite being touted as a new innovative tech to fight skin imperfections, the pico laser is not recommended for active acne as the conventional laser does a better job at targeting acne bacteria and is more effective at shrinking oil glands which causes acne. This is do to how much more heat the old laser generates as pico does not generate much heat at all.