The Need for Self Storage Units During a Move

The feeling of purchasing a home is unlike any other. A combination of elation, pride, nerves and fear all mix together during the days leading up to the closing.

It becomes impossible to think about anything else, as if your brain is solely dedicated to the big, upcoming move. Whether it's across town or across state lines, everything has to be cleaned, packed and labeled in preparation. Two weeks beforehand, you might find yourself shocked by the amount of stuff you've managed to accumulate. Picture your guest room half filled with boxes and your current home isn't looking bare in the least. The thought is enough to make you wonder if everything in those boxes is really necessary. The answer: Probably not--if you've managed to box up or put aside a significant amount of possessions and furniture, and your home still looks comfortable and livable, it's time for a big decision.

Does all that extra stuff need to move to your new house with you-and will it fit in your new home or just clutter it up (especially if you are downsizing)?

Most of the time the answer is no, but that's not the biggest question you'll be asking yourself. What do I do with all of it? That's the biggie, the question that causes loss of sleep. While you won't miss boxes containing old yearbooks and childhood mementos on a day-today basis, those certainly aren't things you want to throw in the trash. After all, you might want to look at them someday, or show them to future children or grandchildren at the very least.

Those antique end tables that came from your grandmother's house might not go with your more modern decor, but you can't imagine leaving them out by the curb or offering them up for sale. Those end tables are the essence of your grandmother's old house, and while you don't share her design aesthetic, you loved her dearly and can't imagine not owning them. Surely someday you'll have a use for them, right?

The solution is simple. A self storage facility will allow you to hold on to the possessions you need to save, but also allow you to free up space in your home. Even better, renting a self storage space will prevent you from moving unused items and clutter into a new home.

It's ideal, having your cake and eating it, too. Your memories, unused but much-loved furniture and general unnecessary clutter all boxed up and moved out of your way, while still remaining easily accessible. If you were to suddenly have a change of heart and decide grandma's end tables will look great in your new living room, zipping over to the self storage facility and bringing them home is easy. Alternately, if a current interest in surfing, biking or canoeing fades, you've already got a safe, out of the way place to store all that bulky gear. And you'll know that when the season comes around again, or your interest in it picks back up, you'll be able to head over to your car storage near me, grab your gear, and get moving, all without having had to trip over surf boards, skis and canoes for the past year!

Storage units can be a life saver during a move, allowing you to keep organized and bring things into your new home at your own pace.