What are IoT Predictions for the year 2019

You don’t need deep explanations to understand that IoT (internet of things) is growing at a very high rate, it’s like a Word Counter. Wearable gadgets, Vehicles, software, and RFID sensors are advancing way too far past the basic function and the network growth is to including even extra advancements each and every day. There are more gadgets that are connected in my home this year than it has happened in the past and I'm sure we are quite a number in this. These advancements will even be more common in our dwelling places, businesses and even on the road in the year 2019. Consider the following IoT predictions for the year 2019 and the anticipation of their impact.


IoT Prediction 1: There Will be Overall Growth Across the Board


When looking up the Market of IoT and the connectivity statistics, you get a range of numbers in billions. According to some IT Pros, this year alone, around 4 billion devices connected through the Internet are used for day in day out tasks. This means that the total number of devices connected is larger than that.

This indicates that more Data and traffic are already congested while connected to the internet. In the year 2019, most likely a bigger push to have 5G connectivity will be there. This will add a lane in the already congested web to help In handling an increase of these devices. There will also be a be a stronger push for computing. Data received from the IoT gadgets will now be stored a bit close to the main source, which will be kind of robbing business from the Data centers. To combat this, the Data centers, as well as edge computing, will need to work together in harmony, as more connected devices mean there will be change. You, therefore, need to get ready!


IoT Prediction 2: There Will be a Deeper Penetration In the Healthcare and manufacturing Industries


The Internet of Things is a significant driver of enhancing digital transformation in various industries, especially manufacturing. RFID tags, smart beacons, and Sensors have already initiated the next industrial revolution. Market analysts now predict that the actual number of devices connected in mostly the manufacturing industry, which will double from 2019 and 2022.


These devices act like a total industry game changer, for the industries disrupting each  part of the production process starting from development all the way to the Supply Chain Management. A majority of Manufacturers will now be in a position to do away with delays, improve performance In production, bring down equipment downtime and also manage inventories. This is not the only industry anticipation for deeper penetration, but everything will be turning around like a Word Counter.