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4 Reasons You Might Not be Fit for a Ph.D. Degree


Can a higher education lead to a higher salary when earning an online PhD degrees? Which student types are the most obvious ones for a Ph.D. program? There are some degree plans that are ideal for various student-types. However, these student-types are the ones who have the ability to work long hours because of their dedication and commitment to the Ph.D. program they have enrolled in. Everyone has heard of or know someone who is in college but they still haven't graduated. For instance, you may know someone who works two jobs, goes to school full-time and has a family at home.

In general, these individuals are likely to balance out their school and their work, along with their family life. In fact, these students are considered (at times). "career students" because they actually go to school for the longest time but have yet to "walk the stage." The main reason is that they take either a class or two at a time, or simply switch their degree plan altogether. These also seem to be the most hard-working students of all. As a result, $100,000's worth of Federal and State student loans can earn millions in the long run.

In this case, here are 4 reasons you may not be a good fit for a Ph.D.

  1. When you don't like to work endless hours.

There are long hours to work, therefore if you don't like long hours or you simply don't like to work, "Don't quit your day job!" In fact, it takes dedication, commitment, hard work and all within a balancing lifestyle of home and school this is one of the main reasons you may not be a good fit for a Ph.D. On top of all that, you must have excellent organization and structured skills to "pull it off." Dedication, as you work these long hours, maybe working these long hours alone. You'll be contacted by the guidance of your mentor or scholars who are busy doing their research and work, so you'll have to be on "your toes" when they decide to contact you. Therefore, long hours will come in unexpected times.

  1. If you don't have high self-esteem or higher self-worth, you may not be a good fit for a Ph.D.

Those who possess these 2 qualities will commit to multiple years of study and research while passing difficult and complex exams. Although with a Ph.D., you not only earn more money, you'll have a more advanced cognitive ability to do more, plus with more improved confidence in you, you'll also possess these 2 important qualities as well. As a result, the high self-esteem and confidence elements are important character traits to have because they are part of the job as a "doctoral holder."

  1. If you don't like to network or have a social network, you may not be a good fit for a Ph.D.

Those who possess that "off the grid" mentality are the subjects of this characteristic. In fact, if you are not on social media or do not like to network because of specific reasons, you may not be a good fit for a Ph.D. Working under a microscope such as the most transparent medium of all digital devices is social networking (a.k.a. social media). Earning a Ph.D. will afford you hundreds of networking partners, friends, colleagues...etc. and most of these networking "pals" are from social media.

Be appreciative and be engaged with them is part of the act of earning a Ph.D. Therefore, you must learn how to stay in-tact with others online. Many candidates for a doctoral program have a social-butterfly fluttering around inside them. They network with their colleagues as well as study alongside with them online or elbow-to-elbow. This happens while they help each other alongside while researching and study. You have to be in constant contact with them. Hence, if you aren't a social butterfly, you may not be a good fit for a Ph.D.

  1. If you are not open to unique career options, you may not be fit for a Ph.D.

With a vast amount of unique career options when holding a Ph.D., it will afford you great wealth in lifetime earnings. However, you just want to embark in these unique career options at your disposal because there will be more options that are "out of the box" comparable to those who only have a Bachelors or Master’s Degree. With multiple career options while earning a high salary is worth the time and effort, you should want to have all those unique career options because if not, then you may not to fit for a Ph.D.

These jobs are competitive and fierce for the most part. As a result, experts are more prone to accept a Ph.D. more so than the other degree holders. The uniqueness of having a Ph.D. will allow for this position. Acquiring a doctorate position whereas the "lower-level" degrees can't, will also give you the following: - Public speaking and writing are refined - Project management advanced. Entrepreneurship and thoughtful leadership skills.- Research abilities are extensive.

In summary, having certain abilities and skills will keep you afloat from the rest of the "degree-holders." So, if you don't have certain abilities such as long hours, to name one, you may not be fit for a Ph.D. Consequently, holding a Ph.D. will not only earn you millions more comparable, but this higher education degree is also all worth it. Hence, you have to be fresh in the classroom (or online). If you fall into the above categories, or under these 4 reasons you may not be a good fit for a Ph.D. then don't pursue your doctoral!