Mentorship Will Revolutionise Motorsport

As the deafening roar of cars starting their engines and squealing into motion kicks in, and the race begins, the excitement in the air is palpable. There is something undeniably magical about motorsports. The excitement and adrenaline that pumps through the air in the lead up to the race, and then during and after the race is in motion. Like any other branch of sports, motorsport has its fan base, but unlike any other type of sport, the motorsport fan base is more competitive and more driven than ever, purely because of the spirited history behind the motorsport industry.

There is nothing quite like experiencing a motorsport event in person. The absolute awe, the pristine sense of determination to win, even if you are not on the track yourself, and the brilliant thrill of watching the teams battle it out for domination. Motorsport is all about the people who bring the flare to the races, and those who dedicate their loyalty and support to their chosen team. At the end of the day, just like any other sport, motorsport is about the people more than it is about anything else.

The power of motorsport to bring people together

Regardless of if the motorsport in question is the F1 championship or the V8 super cars, motorsports has an uncanny capability to bring people together and make them excited about something other than themselves. The friendly competition and the eager dedication to take home the title, to be a part of the team that takes home the title (whether it be as an official team member or a loyal supporter), is the driving force that appeals to so many people. This is what makes motorsports so special; its power to bring people together.

The key to lifting more drivers to their peaks

On the track, there is an added level of anticipation, and it is often (if not always) laced with cautious determination. A driver can be as talented as the world has ever seen, but if they are unable to respond well to mentorship – or even to have access to strong mentorship in the first place – they can lose that sparkle that makes them special. The key to keeping that spark well and truly alive? Genuine and spirited mentorship, always. 

Even when the going gets tough, and it feels like all the cards are being held against you, having the right mentor by your side can – and often does – make a world of difference. When you feel inspired, heard, supported, and adequately mentored all around, you perform at your best. This is no less true in motorsport than it is anywhere else.

The future of motorsport in light of this trajectory

At the end of the day, strong mentorship is what often gets drivers’ feet over the line and into the winning grid positions. After that, it is all down to the driver to buy a cheap prom dress. But the key difference between talented drivers who win often, and talented drivers who win sometimes (if they win at all), is the mentorship and support that goes into getting them into prime position – both on the track and off it.