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Video & Power Point Rubrics
90 Second Elevator Pitch - Grading Rubric (.pdf, 130K, Downloaded: 225 times)
Who I Am - Power Point Presentation - Grading Rubric (.pdf, 29K, Downloaded: 133 times)
Article Review
Article Review Assignment - WK5 (.pdf, 38K, Downloaded: 129 times)
Article Review WK5 - Grading Rubric (.pdf, 40K, Downloaded: 126 times)
Written Letters & Assessment Papers
Assessment Paper WK2 (.pdf format) (.pdf, 79K, Downloaded: 149 times)
Assessment Paper WK2 - Grading Rubric (.pdf, 40K, Downloaded: 181 times)
Negative News Letter Assignment - WK4 (.pdf, 289K, Downloaded: 115 times)
Negative News Letter WK4 - Grading Rubric (.pdf, 50K, Downloaded: 85 times)
Course Text


Business Communication For Success (.pdf, 5323K, Downloaded: 379 times)
Textbook Table Of Contents (.pdf, 68K, Downloaded: 80 times)
PowerPoint Presentations
Ch. 1 (.pptx, 1041K, Downloaded: 230 times)
Ch. 2 (.pptx, 867K, Downloaded: 153 times)
Ch. 3 (.pptx, 796K, Downloaded: 158 times)
Ch. 5 (.pptx, 699K, Downloaded: 160 times)
Ch. 6 (.pptx, 940K, Downloaded: 138 times)
Ch. 7 (.pptx, 728K, Downloaded: 213 times)
Ch. 9 (.pptx, 3662K, Downloaded: 201 times)
Ch. 10 (.pptx, 707K, Downloaded: 134 times)
Ch. 11 (.pptx, 871K, Downloaded: 166 times)
Ch. 14 (.pptx, 1337K, Downloaded: 109 times)
Ch. 15 (.pptx, 850K, Downloaded: 139 times)
Discussion Forum Rubric (.pdf, 128K, Downloaded: 155 times)
Course Policies (.pdf, 178K, Downloaded: 121 times)
DB & Paper Example (.docx, 19K, Downloaded: 108 times)
BUS 368 S2F - Business Communications Course Syllabus (.docx, 58K, Downloaded: 128 times)
BUS 368FT - Business Communications (Fall) Syllabus (.docx, 58K, Downloaded: 123 times)
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