Judo: A Philosophy of Benefits for All

The training principles derived from his most ancient practices are Shi, GI for judo, the spirit, the technique-tactics and training the physicist.

In the times when I started practicing judo, thirty years ago, we were compared to Bruce Lee's disciples and constantly challenged to break boards among other adventures. Fortunately, today it is not so, the Portuguese have come to know this eclectic modality that has a set of unique characteristics. Basic judo gi or the smooth path is much more than an Olympic sport, it is also an art that encompasses one of the most ancient systems of personal defense originating from ju-jitsu, a practice with a high educational content and the development of motor skills for everyone from children to the elderly, but above all judo is a philosophy of life inspired by the principles of Bushido, the Samurai's code of conduct. The logic of maximum efficiency, minimum effort,

Much of what I say will not be new to the reader since the benefits of this modality are increasingly known to public opinion. However, there is still much to know.

Did you know that the training principles from your most ancient practices are Shi, Gi Tai, in order of importance the training of the spirit, the training of the technique and tactics and finally the training of the physique or physiological energy. These principles are nowadays assumed by the evolved multi-disciplinary teams of high-performance sport, as well as the training and coaching teams of the main international companies, which have often been inspired by these practices to better prepare their professionals to deal with adversity and the fight for competitiveness, whether sporting or corporate. The preparation and training, through workshops, for this corporate competitiveness has been one of the great challenges for which I have been asked several times with clearly positive and effective performance responses.

Another less well-known area of ​​judo's potential is its dimension in the social integration of people with disabilities in society. Countless times we are aware of clubs and schools that, like the EJND, use judo as a training tool for people with disabilities in the most diverse aspects. This combat sport is highly recommended because it is very easy to adapt to any type of physical or mental limitation with well-recognized benefits. At this moment, Portugal is taking great steps in the high adapted competition and already has several medals, such as the athlete Joana Santos from the Judo Clube do Algarve in European and World Deaf Championships. in addition to already having athletes with Paralympic ambitions, such as Miguel Vieira do Judo Clube Total, this year, will be organizing, this month, of the European Blind Championship taking place at the Multipurpose Pavilion in Odivelas. I challenge you to know this and many other potentials of this fantastic sport!