Integral solutions for faster innovations


SAP-certified infrastructure options for rapid implementation with integrated SAP consulting services and advanced analysis, and managed services. The SAP developer, like many other enterprise software giants has been trying to boost the use of their applications in cloud environments for some time. In collaboration with the most important public clouds such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud as well as further boost the migration to the cloud of its customers.

The SAP solutions provided by INUI, from the design and infrastructure strategy to the analytical aspect, have been designed to optimize their applications and data analysis. Expert services of SAP applications and migration to SAP HANA, management and development of INUI improve and expand their resources and experience in IT. Top-level professionals with HANA certification, each with more than 15 years of experience in databases and enterprise data warehouses (EDW), have specialized knowledge in multiple industries and markets globally.

Our SAP-certified, fast-deploying, multi-user and private user environments offer secure data connectivity through INUI's high-speed private global network. Virtualized or bare metal private cloud environments, ideal for enterprise-scale production environments, provide rapid scalability, disaster recovery and unlimited access to enterprise storage. Turnkey environments with HANA as a multi-user service offer rapid implementation of pre-production pilots for testing / development in less than 30 minutes. Flexible solutions from HPE or Cisco FlexPod offer you the underlying technology option to enhance your SAP environments, whether private or public.

As a premium provider of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, INUI offers advisory, hosting, network and management services to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud customers. Our fast incorporation approach for your business to test SAP's Cloud Start offer for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud solutions offers a flexible, low-risk methodology for managing your workloads.

What differentiates INUI from other SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud providers is that we support development / test environments in the cloud, manage large-scale production workloads and provide disaster recovery services specifically for metropolitan areas, all optimized by our connectivity Secure high-speed network. Our national and international high capacity fiber optic network, private cloud and managed hosting infrastructure allow you to quickly deploy and scale the workloads of your SAP applications in your global workforce.