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How to Pick the Right Yoga Mat

Most people imagine that getting a yoga mat is just as simple as going into any fitness shop and grabbing the first mat that you come across. However, yoga mats differ in many ways and each comes to serve a specific need. Best Yoga Mats Review is one of the informative pieces that can help one to choose the right Mat for their yoga practice. The choice of a mat will be determined by both the kind of person buying and the particular need they would like to address. Personal preferences and purchasing abilities also play a role in choosing the kind of mat to buy. The following are some guiding tips on how to pick the right yoga mat:


Yoga poses can get intense at times and this leads to sweating and a lot of friction with the body. This means that choosing the right mat will require you to consider a befitting texture. The surface of the mat should not too smooth that it slides when you sweat. Also, it should not be too rough that it leaves bruises on the skin especially when one has had involving postures. Another aspect of texture is to ensure that the surface gives you the grip that you need to pose appropriately.

 Body Type

Different people have different body types and sizes hence the need to consider these variations before choosing a yoga mat. If you are slender, you will need more cushioning and that means a thicker mat to avoid discomforts. On the other hand, a thicker plump person is already cushioned so they can do with a thinner mat.

 Material of Mat

Yoga mats are made from different materials and the choice of an individual can be determined by mere preference, availability, cost and also maintenance. For instance, in a single shop you may find PVC mats, rubber mats and also padded and cotton mats. All these have different qualities and their prices also differ. You will find that a PVC mat is cheaper than a padded one but the latter is more comfortable and durable. Again, some people will go for a cotton mat which absorbs all the sweat and is easily washable compared to the others. Choose what suits you the most since the choices are numerous.

 Type of Yoga

Sometimes the level at which you are determines the kind of mat you need. For beginners, it is ok to get a cheaper mat just in case you discover that yoga is not your thing. This means you will not have to deal with the sad fact that you spent a fortune on something you will not need anymore. However, if you are already into it and you are already doing complex yoga poses, you can invest in more quality mat. This will serve you for a longer time and you will also find it more comfortable especially the padded one.


The fact that yoga mats are so portable also means that you will need storage space wherever you carry them. Also, the kind of space available in your place to store the mat will determine your purchase. Thick mats need more storage space than thins ones so if a thinner mat will work for you, the better. It is easier to fold a PVC and cotton mat as compared to the thick rubber or padded mats. However, if you can secure a separate and ample space for your mat then you will be free to buy even the bulkiest.

 Place of Practice

If you are planning to do your yoga at home, then you can do with a regular mat. This is because you will not be required to carry it around. You can even choose a thick and more comfortable one. However, for someone who travels a lot and wants to carry their mat along, then a thinner one will serve the purpose. It is more portable and also requires less storage space since it can be folded to a great extent.


Only an individual can determine the kind of mat that suits them best depending on their specific needs. However, there are basic guidelines to these choices and the ones discussed here are just but a few.