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Five Herbs for a Good Night’s Sleep

For some of us, no matter how much we change our sleeping patterns, update our bedroom décor, change the theme of our bedroom, get softer pillows, or a softer quilt, the calm of a good sleep just doesn’t come easily. Sleep is a sensitive thing to many. It can be affected by the slightest disturbance in our physical or mental health, and sometimes, even we may not be aware of what we are facing to not be able to sleep peacefully. Sometimes, there are acute cases as well for instance insomnia, schizophrenia and other mental health disorders. 

If this is the case with you, you can try to solve this problem with the help of nature. But how can nature help you? Nature is full of problems to solutions made by man themselves. Usually, disturbance in sleep can be by ay day to day issues, and some specific scents and herbs are there to make you calmer and relaxed to sleep peacefully. Following are five herbs that can help you feel relaxed and promote quality sleep.


• Lavender

Lavender is one of the most popular herbs for relaxation. Its scent is used for fragrances, in perfumes, scent sprays etc. because of their calming and soothing effect. Lavender has been found extremely effective for people who experience stress on their nerves, anxiety, and even migraine. The scent of Lavender helps in improving the quality of sleep, relaxing you through the night so you are well rested and fresh the next day. The recommended herb therapy for this is to get Lavender essential oil and diffuse it through a sprayer in your bedroom about half an hour before sleep. Lavender’s appealing scent is a popular favorite in beauty, bath and skin products. Just spray it around the room, and on your pillows or bedsheets before you sleep for a calming effect that will help you improve your sleeping pattern.


• Chamomile

Chamomile is another one of the most popular herbs that are known for its relaxing effects. Chamomile herb is used a natural remedy for treating patients with insomnia. People who are suffering from lack of sleep and interrupted sleep patterns can opt for chamomile tea or herb scent to improve their condition. Other than this, chamomile has always been widely regarded as one of the very mild tranquilizers that can even assist in improvement of cardiovascular conditions.

Chamomile is a plant like that of a daisy and is widely used in herbal infusions and for making herbal medicines. One of the most popular uses of chamomile is in the form of tea, which not only helps in improving our body physically, but helps in fixing sleeplessness. Consuming chamomile tea regularly can sure insomnia as well as make you healthier by improving the quality of your sleep.


• Magnolia Bark

Magnolia bark is one of nature’s gift to mankind, not only because of its calming effect, but also because of its ability to work in place of the sedatives and supplements that are prescribed by the doctor for sleep. Magnolia bark can be strong, which is why it is first recommended to be used with low doses. It promotes healthy sleep such that it is warned not to be taken during day time or while you may be driving. Magnolia works as a replica of ay sedative, which relaxes the nerves and induces the mind into drowsiness and then deep sleep.

The recommended dose for Magnolia is only one capsule in a day, which should also be used for a short period of time just to cure your body into developing a healthy sleeping pattern. Besides taking it in the capsule form, if it is taken as an herb orally, it helps our body in many ways. For instance, it helps lower the stress hormones. One thing to consider before taking Magnolia is to consult a doctor first. The doctor will advise you about the dosage, and its effects especially if you are on other medication as well.


• Valerian Root

The Valerian Root is a beautifully scented flower that is mostly used in beauty products, bath and body creams, gels and in skincare. This herb is a recommended product for medicinal purposes. Valerian root makes you relaxed and more energetic as compared to other herbs which can sedate you into sleep. This flower is not exactly used for sleep but used for relaxation of mind and nerves which eventually promotes you to go into deep sleep. For people who are not facing acute sleeping disorders and mental health problems, it is recommended to use valerian root as a fragrance or scent around the room for a relaxing environment and to calm your racing heart of stressful thoughts. The Valerian root is a discovery of ancient times, an herb that is being used from centuries dating back to the times of the Romans and Greeks. This is a mild herb and is also available in tea form besides the regular capsules and pills.


• Blue Skullcap

The Blue Skullcap, like its name, helps in covering our stress and anxiety with a calming effect that helps us sleep better. This herb is popularly known for its anti-anxiety benefits. Although the research for this herb is limited to date, facts suggest that the herb is especially useful for people who are facing anxiety disorders. The leaves of Blue Skullcap are used for producing medicines, and this herb can be found in the form of tea and in powder form as well.



Herbal remedies are nature’s gift to us, in order to heal our problems in a healthy way. However, there are always some conditions that are extreme and are not handled through herbal remedies or through sensitization of different scents. For this purpose, medicinal help becomes a necessity. Even while taking herbs for your sleep, it is recommended to consult a doctor about the advisable form of herb to take, and the dose in which it should be taken.

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