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Assignment Grades

Assignment name Assignment grade Assignment drop grade
"Who I Am" - Personal Power Point Presentation 0/100 (0%, F) Drop this grade
Discussion Board Forum #1 --No grade/25 Drop this grade
Syllabus Quiz --No grade/5 Drop this grade
Assessment Paper - WK2 0/75 (0%, F) Drop this grade
Discussion Board Forum #2 --No grade/25 Drop this grade
WK 2 - Quiz #1 0/50 (0%, F) Drop this grade
90 Second Elevator Pitch 0/100 (0%, F) Drop this grade
Discussion Board Forum #3 --No grade/25 Drop this grade
WK 3 - Quiz #2 0/50 (0%, F) Drop this grade
Discussion Board Forum #4 --No grade/25 Drop this grade
Negative News Letter Assignment 0/100 (0%, F) Drop this grade
Discussion Board Forum #5 --No grade/25 Drop this grade
Final Exam 0/100 (0%, F) Drop this grade
Article Review 0/100 (0%, F) Drop this grade
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Learning Javascript Mouse event Not open
Attendance --No grade/100 Drop this grade