Cannon Gun Safes Are The Optimum Choice

There was a survey done on the various gun safes that are manufactured and to no surprise, the Cannon gun safes have come out on top. The range of Cannon safes are known to be safe, and has strength that amazes you should you experience it. People have chosen Cannon gun safes for the reason that they are able to customize the safe to their liking if so needed.

In comparison to the Sentry range, the Cannon gun safes is the brand that is not only the most chosen one, but also a common name too. Sentry is one of the most sold name brands when it comes to gun safes, and the reason for this is that they have lessened the cost prices so that sales could be pushed up. The fact that this manufacturer does not customize any of the safes that is sold, is one of the giveaways that the consumers of this item are those that is not really interested in safety, rather looking for storage space. This range offers a wide range of fire resistant safes as well; this is only known for the six-minute customer.

If you look at the details of the Champion gun safes, you will notice that the built of the safe itself is something that sets your mind at ease immediately. The body of the safe is produced from carbon steel and the top and bottom caps are welded by using pieces of steel. The door has fire installation installed between two heavy carbon plates and this provides you with much needed fire protection. Locksmiths have sworn that the bolts used to for production are some of the smoothest and strongest bolts in the industry. This is one of the assurances that you need, there are no cheap bolts holding your safe together. It has been proven that some of the gun safes manufactured under this name is known to withstand a fire of 1500˚F for a full two hours. The Champion name is one thing that you would not be ashamed of, they do take pride in their work, and it shows in the magnificent design of the safes that they manufacture.

The Cannon gun safes is one of the best items on the market, and in comparison to any other safe on the market, it comes out on top with flying colours. The whole process of manufacturing of this safe is what makes it stand out against the rest. You will find that there are lights inside the range; some of the safes come with the well-known electronic locks and even the biometric safes. As we, all know that a keyless handgun safe is safer than anything else is, especially when you have little kids that are running around. Little children are curious and want to know what it is that is inside that big metal box, so the harder the access for them the better.

The Cannon gun safes are fire resistant and are able to withstand a 1200˚F fire for a full one and a half hours. The effectiveness of security as well as fire is something that the Cannon safes are made for.